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Simple Hot Cocoa Setup!

September 14

Hot cocoa is a favorite drink at my house…and when the first cool breezes blow I break out the fixin’s for a do-it-yourself cocoa station to take the chill off and satisfy tummies!  Whether you’re hosting an autumn party or just want to create a sweet surprise for your family, a hot cocoa buffet can be really easy to set up in a pinch!  I often keep the basic cocoa supplies in my kitchen all year long…it’s a chocolaty sip that’s even a favored drink on a cool summer evening!  But now that the unofficial end to summer has come and gone, it’s almost that time for sipping on warm drinks and snuggling around a fire!  I hope you can find some inspiration for your hot cocoa stations…no matter where you put them!

it’s hot cocoa time!

Cocoa & Cookies!

December 21

Well, the big day is almost here and I FINALLY feel fairly prepared for all the celebrations!  Since the last day of school is today, we can soon start baking cookies and getting ready for all the holiday callers!  And it’s a fact that we will be loaded with plenty of gingerbread, sugar, and other varieties of Christmas cookies, so we NEED to have a warm and toasty drink to go with them!  One of my favorite sips during the holidays (and actually all winter long) would have to be hot cocoa!  We serve it up often when the cool winds begin to blow, but there’s something about Christmastime that give us the opportunity to doctor them up in holiday style!  At our annual Christmas Eve Gumbo I usually prepare the hot drink…but this year I thought a Cocoa and Cookies bar was in order!  It’s a perfect opportunity to make it special with plenty of friends stopping by all evening for a cup of soup…AND some sweets and hot chocolate to wash it all down!  If you caught the Holiday Hop last week, you got a good dose of inspiration…including some festive cocoa displays!  Lucky for me, I also soaked in the wonderful ideas that inspired my own cocoa station for my family and holiday guests!  Hot cocoa is easy to make and you really don’t need much to go with it to create a treat table that will delight kids and adults alike!  So with a few days left before Santa arrives, you still have plenty of time to create a holiday treat for whoever may come calling!  Have a peek at what I’ll be serving up on Christmas Eve…

hot, hot, hot chocolate!

Hot Chocolate Time!

November 28

On a day that gave us a record temperature for November, what was I doing?  Setting up a hot chocolate bar of course!  Even though it was a little on the warm side, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect in the evening for enjoying some cocoa and goodies with friends on the patio!  Honestly, I just couldn’t wait any longer to start setting up some Christmas cheer in my home!  And being blessed with such wonderful weather, on a weekend no less, gave us the opportunity to have the best of both worlds!  And then the very next day…it snowed!  I don’t know about you but I have to admit I loved both days!  But the reality is that hot cocoa weather is now here to stay and it’s easy to warm up with some…

cookies and cocoa!

Cocoa Cart

December 10

With cold weather upon us it seems fitting to break out the hot cocoa to warm hearts, tummies, and frozen fingers as they hug the toasty mugs filled with fudgy goodness!  (is “fudgy” a word?)  So many varieties of the chocolate treat are available in stores and coffee shops…and you can simply melt the real stuff in hot milk for a decadent indulgence!  A deserved reward for shoveling the walk, building the best-ever snowman, or a hard day of chilly play…whatever the reason hot cocoa is a winter tradition and delight–an easy way to bring smiles to the faces of those you love!  Grab some favorite containers and fill them with the makings for this sweet, warm treat…have a cocoa station at the ready for anytime guests arrive or kids come in from the cold!  This year a bar cart holds all the mugs & fixins…but a space on the counter will always do and looks so festive during the holiday season!  A treat that will be well received all winter long–so celebrate hot cocoa…

a simple pleasure!

Hot Cocoa Anyone?

October 8

This morning when I woke up it felt more like mid December than early October!  The first frost always gets us ready to snuggle by the fire and hunker down for the winter–why not start with a toasty cup of cocoa!  Most of us associate hot chocolate with tailgating and Christmas but how about dressing it up for Halloween?  A simple treat can always be spruced up with seasonal toppings that you may already have in your cupboard or in a candy jar.  How about this idea for an after school treat that is just a fun to create as it is to consume!

Cocoa Bar

CocoaStrawsCocoa DisplayMarshmallowsSprinkles

Easy Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining

September 18

Happy Monday friends!

…and welcome to the first day of the 2017 Fall Blog Hop~celebrating all things autumn!

Fall party hop

I’m so thrilled to join 17 other completely talented and inspirational bloggers to bring you a week long celebration of one of my favorite seasons!  You can kick off the Hop beginning with my friend Deanna from Mirabelle Creations!  She is our host and organizational genius behind the festivities…so make sure to check her out and start all the fall fun from the beginning!  And if you’re popping over here from Giggle Hearts…I’m sure you loved her inspiring & creative Halloween crafts you can do with your kids!  If you missed it check it out here…and make sure to grab your free printable!

Giggle Hearts

I’m so happy you’re here on the first day of the hop…let me share with you some easy ideas for outdoor entertaining to celebrate the new season!

an outdoor celebration to welcome fall!

“Souper” Spooky!

October 25

My family loves soup!  And I’m so happy they do since it’s an easy meal that’s perfect for taking the chill off when autumn arrives…not to mention the kitchen smells heavenly while it’s simmering on the stove!  We used to host soup parties, often times with other couples helping to brew up some tasty varieties for guests to sample!  And as fun as those large gatherings were, we decided this year to forgo the big bash–keeping it small and simple.   Since my husband and I both love to host AND cook we decided to have several little gatherings throughout the season so we can reconnect with all our friends in smaller settings!  Autumn is here and Halloween is around the corner so this first of hopefully many soup soirees needed to fit the season…we just had to serve up some PUMPKIN CHILI!  Such a yummy recipe (and yes, I will share)…easy to make and so perfect for fall!  It would go great with leftover turkey so keep it in mind for your Thanksgiving festivities too!  Today I’d like to share our simple gathering to celebrate friends, the season, and Halloween!

warm your bones with steamy soup!

Holiday Sips & Spirits!

October 21

I don’t really know much about stocking a bar cart…but ever since I found mine at a garage sale I love keeping it ready for cocktails, hot cocoa, summer refreshers–and even sweets!  Mine most likely doesn’t follow bar-cart etiquette…but I love to use it to display my glasses and decanters along with a few libation accessories!  If we have guests coming, I can roll it where we need it and add whatever drinks we decide to serve.  Until we have company, it’s fun to use seasonal touches to perk it up while it serves as storage for some of my barware and paper products.  If you don’t have a traditional bar cart, not to worry…you can make a “sips” station just about anywhere!  A small dresser, kitchen cart, side table…whatever goes!  Even a tray works double duty for serving up some liquid refreshments…and is even easier to transport!  A few holiday additions to whatever you choose and you have the perfect spot for sips & spirits!  See some simple ways to dress up your drink station!

add some “spooky” to your sips…

First Day Back!

August 26

Yesterday was the first day of school…and WOW how the summer flew by!  I can’t really believe that the school year has begun and I’m not quite in the swing of all the activity that will come along with it!  Even though the lazy days of summer can get a bit monotonous by the end…I wish we could slowly wade into the hectic school schedule rather than diving right in–sometimes feeling the sting of a full on belly flop!  But regardless of how you feel about the first day of school–it can’t be avoided!  I decided to embrace it this year and send the boys off with a hearty and fun breakfast surprise for their first full day back!  Since breakfast isn’t usually elaborate in our home on school mornings, I knew it would be a treat to wake up to a build-your-own breakfast sandwich buffet…

simple “first day” celebration…

Good Cheer!

January 10

Now that the hustle & bustle of holiday celebrations has ended, decorations have come down and winter has whole-heartily revealed itself…the rest of the season can seem a tad boring.  Many people confess how sad they are when the decorations are gone and their houses suddenly appear empty…I know both Sarah & I feel that way in our own homes!  And spending so much time indoors during these long, cold winter days doesn’t help.  So I was thinking, why should all the merriment disappear with the the holidays?  Why not invite some cheerful whimsy to hang out in your home a bit longer?  All it takes is a little holiday recycling!  By using some of the decorations from past seasons, the buffet in my dining room is dressed up with some sparkle and cheer!  A very easy way to be ready to accommodate guests on a whim with little preparation…and it looks festive too!  Fill the evenings of winter with warmth and fellowship of friends…

and keep the good cheer going!