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Cinco De Mayo Snack Cart!

April 27

Cinco De Mayo is just over a week away!  It’s such a fun and festive holiday to celebrate with friends or family…and it never needs to be overwhelming!  The best part about a fiesta is that anything goes, the food can be so simple and yet so tasty, and you REALLY can find whimsical ways to pull off a party-time snack table on a dime!  Let me share with you some ways I recycled my Cinco De Mayo supplies from our family fiesta to create a snack cart for hungry kids…or anyone who wants to have a little May 5 fun!  I’m also including more super simple DIY projects…so come on, let’s get ready to fiesta!

easy, affordable, fiesta fun!

Cinco De Mayo Sneak Peek…

April 20
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Easter is now behind us and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  But just because all the bunny inspired decorations and activities are over doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of springtime festivities ahead!  I’m referring to the colorful celebrations of Cinco De Mayo…but spring is filled with plenty of opportunities to have some extra fun!  We’ve all been so ready to ditch the snow shovels and fling open the windows that we need nothing more than the sweet signs of warm weather to throw an “everyday” party to rejoice in the new season!  So while I’m sharing some sneak views of what I’ve got planned for the 5th of May, these fun & simple ideas can help you decorate and celebrate for any occasion!  The next couple weeks will be filled with fiesta-style inspiration…spring & summer are the perfect seasons for colorful festivities & decor!  See what’s coming…

time for a fiesta!

Shortcakes and Springtime

March 27

Hello!  I’m so glad you’ve stopped by on your way through this Springtime Holiday Hop!  If you just visited Twinkle Twinkle Little Party I’m sure you got plenty of inspiration for throwing a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration!  If you’re just joining in on the blog hoppin’ fun you can pop over to Mirabelle Creations where you can start at the beginning!  You’ll find another link to the next creative stop at the end of this post…and I know you won’t want to miss the springtime bridal inspiration from Brenda’s Wedding Blog!  These are some of the amazing bloggers, party planners, and business owners who have come together to share all the seasonal festivity…

spring blog hop

I don’t know about you but I’m so thrilled Spring has finally arrived!  I really enjoy all the seasons but the roller coaster of temperatures this year has teased us with springtime one too many times and I’m just ready for it to stick around a while!  This new season give us so many reason to celebrate too…not just the arrival of blossoms and warm breezes but several holidays which often times brings us together with those we hold dear!  I’m always inspired by the new colors of this springtime…the soft pastels of Easter, bright and cheerful blooms, and the endless shades of green bursting from the trees and popping from the ground!  This was my inspiration for a fun twist on a springtime dessert buffet…and I had so much fun collaborating with some fantastic creatives to bring these ideas to you today!  Let’s celebrate the season with a simple treat…

set up a shortcake station!


March 23

Today I’d love to share with you a favorite party time go-to that can double as a favorite holiday decoration!  If there’s one thing I love about decorating for the holidays it’s that you have permission to be as elegant, funky, dainty, neutral, colorful, or as whimsical as you want!  I guess what I’m saying is that just like parties, holidays leave decorating options WIDE open!  You might not want your living spaces to be so festive all the time…but every now and again it can be so fun to get outside your standard home decor zone and display your whimsical side!  So what is this favorite item you might ask?  Well, it’s paper party fans!  You already know how much I love using tissue poms…and paper fan varieties are equally as wonderful!  Let me share how I used some of my leftover party supplies to create a simple but festive Easter display on my buffet!  It never was so easy to welcome the arrival of Peter Cottontail with the help from…

paper poms, paper globes, and paper fan-tastic!

Taste the Carrot Patch!

March 20

Today is the first day of Spring!  I’m so thrilled that a new season is finally here…and I hope that Mother Nature gets the memo soon!  I love all the fresh hues of springtime but I have to admit that I’m currently enamored with the color orange this season!  I’ve already shared some fun carrot inspired DIY projects and I’m continuing the festivities today with a little bit more!  If you saw the DIY post you caught a glimpse at some of the bright and festive goodies I found at Target!  I’m still having fun coming up with multiple craft, decorating, and party ideas with all these goodies…and today I’m sharing some Easter fun in a sweet-treat table setup that’s ready to help you ring in the new season!  So have your friends hop on over…

for a carrot patch snack!

Academy Award Time!

February 23
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I can’t believe how fast the time is flying…February is almost over already and the Academy Awards will be presented this Sunday night! It seems like yesterday I was taking down Christmas decor and counting the hours until the Valentine decorations could go up!   But here we are approaching the eve of the Oscars and I’m so excited to pull together a little fun for the festive evening!  I don’t normally have an Academy Award “party” but a fun find prompted me to go ahead this year and create a treat table for my family and maybe a friend or two!  It’s not too late to think about hosting a little soiree…there’s still plenty of time to grab some easy goodies for a special night!  I’d like to share with you some simple steps to create an award winning treat table…

and the Oscar goes to…

Dreaming of Spring

February 6
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It’s only February, and I really do enjoy the winter months snuggled up by the fire in a fuzzy throw, but I also have to admit that I’ve been doing a bit of spring dreaming these days!  Maybe it’s because we’ve been teased with some warmer temperatures every now and again, or it could be I’ve been thinking ahead for springtime crafts and projects…but no matter the reason I’m getting a bit anxious for the signs of a new season to come!  I’ve also been fortunate to have some projects on my horizon that have springtime written all over them…so my desk & craft table are beginning to look a lot like the season is already here!  I’m so excited to be working on these new ventures which also brings me to announce that I will be changing up my blogging schedule starting this week.  Usually I wait until school is out to change to my summertime post schedule but I’m switching it up early this year to make room for these new & exciting adventures!  Beginning today I will publish regularly on Mondays and Thursdays.  You may still see an occasional “Friday Favorite Things” or a “Friday DIY Day” popping up here and there, but my new consistent days will be moved around a bit!   I’ve also been dragging my feet on reopening my Esty shop but it’s time to get that baby up and running too!  Since I handcraft all the Giggle goodies from mostly found items, managing an additional Esty inventory separate from Alice-Louise Press was daunting to me.  But with lots of encouragement I’m getting geared up to work out the kinks of overseeing both and FINALLY reopen this spring!  So, I have springtime on the brain for several reasons!  And today I’d like to share a sneak peek at one of the projects you’ll see next month…the fresh look of a new season with the added fun of some inspiring collaborations!  I’m really excited to share it all…but for now you’ll have to settle for a little tease!

springtime soiree in the making…

Game Day Fun

February 1

So I think it’s fair to say that everyone knows what’s happening on Sunday evening…even those of us who don’t really follow the NFL know that this Sunday is the big daddy of football!  I may not know much about the game itself, but living in a house full of boys I have learned to love watching football games…once in a while!  And when Super Bowl Sunday rolls around we plan some family time centered around the TV and food!  We bake up a BIG tray of buffalo wings for game night…and it’s most likely the only day of the year my husband and I splurge on the messy goodness!   It’s such a special game but always falls on a school night which keeps us from hosting big parties…so I often serve some game day snacks that are extra festive for our family celebration!  But this year, besides the wings which are now a must-have tradition, I’m trying to keep it a little lighter, healthier, but still decked out in football style!  It’s only a few days until the big game…let’s get ready to party!

super-duper Super Bowl snacking…

Year of the Rooster!

January 30

We have a lot of family celebrations that have now become much anticipated traditions…Chinese New year is one of our favorites!  Even when our boys were little, they were pretty adventurous eaters so it was always easy to introduce new cuisines and celebrate with food!  I love all the opportunities to have meals around the table together…whether it’s big celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter…right down to our corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day,  a Mexican feast on Cinco DeMayo, or all the Asian choices for Chinese New Year!  Over the past several years we’ve invited friends over to enjoy the Chinese New Year with us.  It’s a fun celebration to get a little creative and since the theme changes with the zodiac calendar, each year is something new until the cycle repeats itself!  But this holiday we kept it simple and decided to celebrate with just the four of us and place a take-out order from one of our favorite Chinese restaurants!  And since I didn’t have to prepare any food…I had a little fun making our table just as festive as if we were having guests!  By recycling my supplies I saved a lot of time and money creating a simple but fun table!  If you think you missed out on the Chinese New Year celebrations, not to worry!  They’re not over for 15 days into the new year so you’ve got plenty of time to break out the chopsticks and still have some fun!

Celebrating the Chinese New Year!

Love & Conversation!

January 25
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In addition to my love of celebrations, I also love to have simple conversations with my boys.  That seems easy enough but as kids get older it gets increasingly more difficult to have heart-to-hearts on a regular basis!  But fortunately, in my house, there’s a pretty simple solution…food!  It’s true that the best conversations happen around the dinner table…so why not the snack table as well!  It’s now paczki time, and if you’re not familiar to this Lenten season sweet treat…you should discover it–soon!  Pronounced pawnch-ki, or punch-key, they’re similar to a jelly or custard filled doughnuts and are only served up until the first day of Lent then vanish until next year.  So when we see them in the bakeries and grocery stores for the first time…it’s pretty exciting!  I decided to create a Valentine table filled with goodies for a family treat and an opportunity to savor some sugary favorites and open the door to some good conversation!  And since “conversation” was the intended goal, I used plenty of those sweet little candies to inspire the theme!  Let me share some easy ways to create something special that just might get the conversations flowing!

be mine    xoxo   let’s chat…