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How to Create a Balloon Arch

August 10

This balloon arch tutorial is shared with you courtesy of ProFlowers!

Balloon arches are so popular and incredibly festive!  They can make a party look spectacular…but I’ve never actually tried creating one myself!  ProFlowers has shared their easy, 9-step tutorial for creating such a beautiful party prop and I’m so excited to try it myself AND share it with you!  Creating a balloon arch is perfect for any type of party…and just by changing up the colors or embellishments you can compliment endless themes!  A balloon arch can add a “wow factor” to treat tables, photo booths, gift tables and more.  You can hang them, drape them, or lay them like a table runner…just let your imagination go! There aren’t many things more festive and happy as balloons…and when you combine pretty colors, greenery, and flowers you will have the ingredients for creating a showstopper!  I hope you enjoy the fun…

bring on the happiness with a balloon arch!

Decorating with Seaside Elements

July 31

August arrives tomorrow…and even though the lazy days of summer are inching towards fall, it’s not too late to enjoy the sights of the current season in our homes!  I always use August as my cue for adding touches of sea & sand to my rooms.  July is full of patriotic color schemes and bright sunny palettes but when the month comes to an end I’m ready for peaceful hues and glimpses of the beach before it’s time to break out the pumpkins and mums!  I’d like to share some really simple ways to bring those natural elements into your spaces…whether you use shells, driftwood, or textural sisal in your accents, this is the perfect season to create a seaside oasis right within your very own walls!

enjoy a seaside stay-cation…

Tropical Treat!

July 27

I am able to share this blog post with you today courtesy of FTD. 

Now that summer is here, its time to take advantage of the warm weather and beautiful outdoors. And what better way to do this than host an outdoor tiki party? Gather friends and family under tiki torches and sip on coconut cocktails all night long! Get creative with the decorations and have fun turning your backyard into a tropical oasis. Try hanging pineapples from macramé hangers and writing the cocktail menu on tropical leaves!

The possibilities are endless. To help you start brainstorming, FTD has compiled a guide to help you plan the best party of the summer! From tropical tablescapes to fruity cocktails it has everything you need to host the perfect modern tiki party.  Check out all the inspiration…

Tiki Party Ideas You’ll Love!

Family Fiesta

April 24

Cinco De Mayo is coming up soon and while I often times try to add some fiesta fun to some snacks or meals for my family, I don’t normally decorate my home for the holiday.  I might add some party supplies to serve up a treat or create some whimsical tabletop decor for our May 5th meal…but I’ve honestly never given much thought to decorating beyond that!  Since there’s almost two weeks until the celebratory day, I decided to fill the empty space on my dining room buffet with a little Cinco De Mayo fun!  Just like the end of any holiday, my rooms seemed a bit bare after the Easter decorations were packed away!  And though I don’t want to smother my spaces with pinatas and streamers (unless I’m having a party!) I did think it might be nice to create a simple display with understated touches of a traditional fiesta!  Let me share with you how I decorated my dining room for the holiday and incorporated those decorations into a family snack to get us excited and inspired for the 5th of May!

Cinco De Mayo decor, and more…

Customize It!

January 11

Have you ever wanted to create a holiday display with colors other than the traditional offerings in the stores?  I don’t know about you but I often want to mix it up a bit and coordinate holiday color to the hues in my everyday design.  I’ve also had color schemes in my home that just didn’t go well with the common colors of certain holidays…like red and green just didn’t mesh well with the canary-yellow walls of my living room!  It can be tough to seasonally decorate if your color loves just don’t fit in!  Now that my home is more on the neutral side it’s much easier to blend in traditional seasonal decor, but sometimes I just want something different!  If you can relate, or if you’ve avoided decorating for holidays because those particular shades just don’t work, I’d like to share a solution with you…make your own!  I DO understand that not everyone gets a little giddy when the the subject of DIY enters a conversation!  But let me tell you that this option today is so easy that you could have your kiddos do it for you if the thought of crafting turns your tummy!  But I hope once you see how simple it can be, you might find more inspiration for not just decorating for holidays but celebrations & occasions of all sorts!  take a peek…

make it your own!

Fridge Frenzy!

September 7

I’ve been on an organizing kick…I’ve mentioned it on Instagram a time or two!  But I’ve been taking it slow…trying to tackle small spaces at a time in hopes to get it as right as possible, stay within a budget, and not destroy my mental health trying to get it ALL done at once!  And you know what?  By keeping each project rather small, it has been amazingly satisfying!  It allows me to actually complete the task at hand and not get overwhelmed.  Needles to say, there’s many, many more small areas to organize but for me, this is definitely the way to do it!  So not long ago I shared a photograph on Instagram of a spectacularly organized refrigerator…and I happen to own the very same model.  Mine, however, looked nothing like the one in the photograph…but not for long!  I love getting such great organizing inspiration…and if this time it keeps me from having to totally dig through my fridge only to find something that’s sprouted roots and is ready to walk away…I’m game!  So my fridge may not be organized EXACTLY like the one I saw…but it IS a whole heck of a lot better!  Let me share some of the fun finds that I used to free up my fridge from its normal frenzy!

organizing makes room for much more…

The Water Closet

August 31

We’ve always got a project or two going on around here.  Sometimes it seems like they never end…one leading right into another in an endless cycle!  But that’s what we signed up for when we bought this old house, and for the most part, we really enjoy the process and of course, the outcome!  Even though we hardly ever splurge big on our renovations and spend much of the project loosing plenty of blood, sweat, and tears, we still find satisfaction getting our hands dirty doing as much as we possibly can ourselves!  We’ve tackled almost every floor and room of this house…but a couple still remain partially unchanged since we moved in 13 years ago.  So not only do we still have projects on the list, the maintenance cycle keeps us busy in between…and there’s usually an unexpected problem popping up here and there!  Oh, the joys of an old home!  And sometimes a tiny project can last years…making small changes along the way, one extra-bit-of-spending-money at a time!  Such is the case with our first floor powder room.  It was the least unfortunate looking of all the rooms when we moved in, so it remained the same while we attempted to alter the ones we really couldn’t stand!  We finally got around to stripping the wallpaper and changing the faucet but that’s where it ends…until now.  And even though it still isn’t finished, I’m going to share how it’s going so far…and will follow up with the final result!  I guess if I always waited until a project was TOTALLY completed, I’d never share anything!  See how we’ve started…

time for change…

Storage Style

August 22

Not too long ago one of my friends tried to convince me to blog about my kitchen hutch.  I really hesitated since in my opinion, there’s nothing really special about it!  I’ve shared it before when it was all dressed for the holidays, but I never thought of its every day appearance as being all that exciting.   Not that I don’t love it, but it humbly holds a hodgepodge of serving pieces and party supplies, snacks and baking utensils…just about anything really!  I’ve always liked to organize and store my supplies in a way that I don’t have to go digging when I need them…but that means that they need to be out in the open.  And even though it can look cluttered, having these things at my fingertips is much less stressful for me and visually helps me remember what I’ve got on hand so I don’t unnecessarily purchase something I don’t really need!  So I have this odd, little nook in my kitchen that really isn’t big enough for an eating area or much else for that matter!  Our side door is also located there which makes it almost impossible for that space to be functional!  Without having custom cabinetry built my only option was to find something that would actually fit…which ended up being an old hutch that had been in my son’s room displaying outgrown Lego creations & stuffed animals!  My nook now had a purpose…a place to store all those extra kitchen items that I previously didn’t have room for!  I love this hutch for hiding extra linens and grocery items in the deep drawers and the open shelving can show off all the cute stuff…even if it is utilitarian!  I can’t take any decorative credit for its appearance…the things I store here are nice looking all on their own!  I just display my prettiest serving pieces, and use glass containers to hold colorful baking cups, straws, and other fun party products!  But at the urging of my friend, I decided to go ahead and share how I organize in this tiny space…it’s simple, it’s fun, it’s useful, and I hope you can find some inspiration for your home!

time to organize…

Good Night in White!

July 27

I’ve been doing quite a bit of painting lately…for my Giggle creations, in my home, and as I posted on Monday…just about anything I can get my hands on!   My color of choice these days–white!  Each spring I love to purge my home of unnecessary clutter, a popular time of year to clean & organize.  But this year I also wanted to lighten and refresh my indoor spaces and there’s no better color than white to make things seem clean and bright!  I’ve learned over the years that for me, neutral colors work best for my walls and upholstery pieces…even though I am a sucker for color and pattern!  It takes great restraint on occasion when shopping for furniture or choosing paint colors since I usually gravitate toward choices far from neutral!  But I can keep my passion for patterns and ever changing color loves alive in my home when I purchase pillows, artwork, rugs, and accessories.  These things can often be inexpensive so I can swap them out when I feel the need for change!  So the latest room in need of something fresh happened to be our bedroom.  I sometimes feel like the bedroom is one of the last rooms I spend time on.  I suppose that’s because nobody really sees it but us!  And like many families, our bedroom is an accumulation of hand-me-down furniture and mismatched pieces that we love…but don’t really go together!  I had already painted some of our bedroom furniture to help remedy that situation but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the room as a whole.  I was ready for an update and the easiest way to do it was to paint the walls…and sticking to my personal lessons learned, I chose white!  See the simple ways I updated our space just by painting, a little organizing, and keeping things I love near!

bright mornings = good mornings!

A Little Summer Learning

June 13

So a really funny thing happened over the weekend…while I was continuing my spring cleaning, I gathered some old games, books, and flashcards to sort through and donate the ones the kids had outgrown.  I used to keep these items in a cupboard in my living room…it made it easy to grab those learning tools for some quick review and of course the games for when the words “I’m bored” were uttered!  Thinking my boys were WAY past the flash card days, I began to group them on the table and in my common fashion, got sidetracked by another task!  There sat a pile of cards…not just filled with math facts, but some with geographical questions and others with historical facts including American presidents.  To our complete surprise, my husband and I both overheard the boys talking about the presidents and soon realized that they were actually quizzing each other with those flashcards!  We all eventually got involved trying to answer the questions and everyone was ACTUALLY having fun!  Needless to say, I decided to hang on to that particular stack of cards!  This made me wonder if I left some of these items out on the coffee table if they might possibly get used?  I know most kids these days do have a share of summer homework…which I think is great!  However, when the subject of summer homework comes up in our house…let’s just say it’s not always a popular topic!  But this moment of active and unsolicited involvement with the flashcards left me with a glimmer of hope that some extra academic activities might take place if given an opportunity!  So I decided to gather a few learning tools and books of fun facts that I hadn’t yet gotten rid of to test this theory out!  What I noticed over the weekend was that the boys were just playing around and a family game of “questions” evolved!  My coffee table is now filled with the potential spur-of-the-moment family “game” or just some educational “browsing”…and I’m pretty sure it will encourage a little extra summer learning!

sneak in some summertime education!