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Pink Lemonade Cupcakes…a Semi Homemade Recipe

August 17

Cupcakes are always fun for a celebration and on Tuesday I shared a tutti-frutti snack table that had on it one of our favorite, summertime cupcake flavors…pink lemonade!  It’s a really fun and easy semi-homemade recipe…and those are my most favorite!  I love serving this cupcake during summer months because it has such a pretty pink color and a light, refreshing flavor that compliments any seasonal treat table or lemonade stand!  And you can have so much fun topping them too…with bright colorful icings and candies that will have your guests drooling!  I promise there will be no puckering after biting into this citrus cake…it’s so delicious and softly flavored!   I’m sharing the recipe with you today…so make sure to grab your printable copy!

cupcakes, lemonade, & candies…oh my!

S’more Fun with Watermelons!

July 24

Is there a particular fruit or sweet dessert that just reminds you of summer?  For me it has to be the watermelon!  When I see them I can’t help but think of backyard BBQs where they’re assuredly served up…and they can also be a source of family entertainment if you get a good seed-spiting contest going!  This roly-poly fruit just seems to make people smile so it stands to reason that it’s a popular theme for parties!  I served up some watermelon fun for an afternoon treat…but in ways that might not be exactly what you’d think!  Let me share them with you and celebrate the watermelon…

serve up a watermelon slice of happiness!

Cinnamon, Ice Cream Style!

July 17

Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day so I sure hope you got a chance to celebrate by indulging on some icy treats!  I’m happy to say that my family got to enjoy the “holiday” by making one of our all-time favorite flavors…cinnamon!  We were inspired to experiment and create this family favorite after visiting a tiny ice cream shop near my family’s farm in Indiana…the same shop that my mom frequented when she was young!  They had a flavor that my mom loved as a kid and now my kids do too…so we were determined to try and replicate it the best we could since we couldn’t find anything quite like it in the stores!  Not only does this ice cream taste delicious and look divine, but I love the nostalgia which makes it an extra special treat each time we fire up the ice cream maker! Today I’d like to share with you the recipe for our version of the parlor favorite…so let’s churn up some fun!

we all scream…for cinnamon ice cream!

Fancy Egg Scramble

May 11

The countdown is on and soon Mother’s Day will be here…and as I promised on Monday, I’m sharing a wonderful brunch recipe that’s perfect for any special occasion!  (You can grab the printable recipe at the end of the post) This breakfast casserole is a family favorite…and what we love best is the fact you can substitute the meat or veggies to make it just right for you and your guests!  You can prepare it ahead of time too and simply bake it on the morning of your gathering so you can relax and enjoy your celebration!  My mom gave me this recipe years ago…and today I’d like to share it with you!

scramble up some goodness…

Family Fiesta

April 24

Cinco De Mayo is coming up soon and while I often times try to add some fiesta fun to some snacks or meals for my family, I don’t normally decorate my home for the holiday.  I might add some party supplies to serve up a treat or create some whimsical tabletop decor for our May 5th meal…but I’ve honestly never given much thought to decorating beyond that!  Since there’s almost two weeks until the celebratory day, I decided to fill the empty space on my dining room buffet with a little Cinco De Mayo fun!  Just like the end of any holiday, my rooms seemed a bit bare after the Easter decorations were packed away!  And though I don’t want to smother my spaces with pinatas and streamers (unless I’m having a party!) I did think it might be nice to create a simple display with understated touches of a traditional fiesta!  Let me share with you how I decorated my dining room for the holiday and incorporated those decorations into a family snack to get us excited and inspired for the 5th of May!

Cinco De Mayo decor, and more…

Shortcakes and Springtime

March 27

Hello!  I’m so glad you’ve stopped by on your way through this Springtime Holiday Hop!  If you just visited Twinkle Twinkle Little Party I’m sure you got plenty of inspiration for throwing a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration!  If you’re just joining in on the blog hoppin’ fun you can pop over to Mirabelle Creations where you can start at the beginning!  You’ll find another link to the next creative stop at the end of this post…and I know you won’t want to miss the springtime bridal inspiration from Brenda’s Wedding Blog!  These are some of the amazing bloggers, party planners, and business owners who have come together to share all the seasonal festivity…

spring blog hop

I don’t know about you but I’m so thrilled Spring has finally arrived!  I really enjoy all the seasons but the roller coaster of temperatures this year has teased us with springtime one too many times and I’m just ready for it to stick around a while!  This new season give us so many reason to celebrate too…not just the arrival of blossoms and warm breezes but several holidays which often times brings us together with those we hold dear!  I’m always inspired by the new colors of this springtime…the soft pastels of Easter, bright and cheerful blooms, and the endless shades of green bursting from the trees and popping from the ground!  This was my inspiration for a fun twist on a springtime dessert buffet…and I had so much fun collaborating with some fantastic creatives to bring these ideas to you today!  Let’s celebrate the season with a simple treat…

set up a shortcake station!

Sugar Cookie Fun!

March 6

I love to bake cookies…and one of my all time favorites would have to be a good old sugar cookie!  There’s not many things more festive or tasty than a cute, cut-out cookie topped with sprinkles! I love them to be a little on the soft side too which in the past made it hard to find a recipe that would hold its shape when cutting them out!  It’s so disappointing when you’ve got an adorable cutter but when the cookie bakes it ends up looking like a puddle!  Well, no more!  several years ago I was searching for a tasty AND easy cookie recipe that would keep it’s form, taste delicious, and require no chilling…yes I said no chilling!  If you’re an impatient baker like myself, the last requirement is the icing on the cookie for sure!  So today I’d like to share with you this wonderfully simple cookie recipe and a peek at some cookie fun I’ve got up my sleeve!

it’s time for spring baking…

Cakes for Cupid!

February 13

We have a fun Valentine tradition…in stead of going crazy on lots of holiday candy, I serve up one of my family’s favorite cakes instead!  It might surprise you to hear that this cake, that’s an anticipated treat in my household of boys, is a Lavender Poundcake!  I know it sounds a little dainty and sweet, and I have served it to my gal pals and at baby & wedding showers…but this mini cake sure packs a punch of buttery goodness and density that will satisfy any guy in a big way!   And because it’s such a rich dessert I usually save it for special occasions…like Valentine’s Day!  So each holiday I try to come up with a new look for our miniature cake…which for me is almost as enjoyable as eating it!  Today I’d like to share with you the recipe for this fun and unique poundcake…plus another recipe for an equally festive dessert that’s more semi-homemade but still perfect for Cupid!  So find your apron and get the kitchen ready for some baking joy and…

share some Valentine sugar!

Sending Sunshine!

January 27

Each winter we receive a package on our doorstep…it’s a fun little box of sunshine!  My parents spend the winters in sunny Florida…wonderful for them and not so bad for us either since we always have a place to stay!  But while we wait for spring break to arrive we get that special treat in the mail…a little early taste of the sunshine state!  The special treat I’m talking about is some tiny loaves of carambola bread.  What’s carambola you might ask?  Well you might recognize it by its more familiar name “starfruit”.  That funny little yellow fruit that when sliced looks like tiny stars!  Not only is it wonderful to receive the sweet treat but the story behind its special delivery is equally as fun!  A friend of my parents has a carambola tree in her back yard.  For the last several years it was becoming too much for her to keep up with the prolific production of fruit it would bear!  So my parents stepped in, picked it until it was clean…then baked up a storm!  There have been so many loaves baked that my parents, their friend, and all the other neighbors just couldn’t eat it all…this is when the special deliveries began!  Sometimes, depending on how much fruit was produced, we would also receive more than we could eat…so I gave a couple away.  Now I have some friends hooked on the stuff!  The best part is that I too get to be a deliverer of some much anticipated “sunshine”!  Let me share with you the recipe and a fun & easy way to dress it up as a gift!

special delivery…

Sweet Jack-O-Lantern

October 26

If you want to do something really fun and tasty for your family and friends, I’ve got a wonderful holiday treat that will bring out the kid in anyone!  This cake is so cute for Halloween…and can be made from scratch or with boxed mixes!  The best part of this sweet treat is that it looks like a fat, little pumpkin so you could even consider making it for Thanksgiving festivities, minus the jack-o-lantern face!  And all you need to make the form is two ovenproof bowls…and some goodies for decorating!  See how easy it is to make a specialty cake that will wow your guests…

so sweet…inside and out!