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Sugar Shack

March 2

On Sunday we decided as a family to take full advantage of the beautiful, springlike weather to embark on a road trip!  We headed off to our family farm in Indiana…and nestled within it is a maple syrup camp!  I’ve had the luxury of not only eating the delicious, family-made syrup my entire life…but also having the opportunity to see it being made!  Our shockingly open Sunday free of activities AND this crazy weather we’ve had made it possible once again for our family to take a peek at the production in action!  The roller coaster of freezing and thawing temps has the sap, which flows through the veins of those trees, practically pouring out like a faucet!  So we loaded up the muck boots and hit the road to visit relatives, enjoy some fresh farm air, and breath in the soft scent of sugar wafting from the woods!  Have a peek at our trip to the sugar camp for some…

marvelous maple syrup!

Autumn Outing…

November 9

Fall is one of my favorite times to do a little window shopping!  It’s still warm enough to comfortably stroll the streets but crisp enough to get me in the mood for the first thoughts of Christmas!  So yesterday some friends and I squeezed in a trip to a nearby city that I REALLY need to visit more frequently…Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Home to The University of Michigan, this place is filled with excitement everywhere you go!  Such a fun place to shop, eat–and shop and eat some more!  And even though we were limited on time…we definitely weren’t limited on fun!   AND I’m happy to say I even got a jump-start on my holiday shopping!  If you’ve never had a chance to explore this wonderfully vibrant town I would definitely encourage you to check it out…whether with friends, family, or go it alone–it’s a trip worth taking!

an afternoon of awesome…

Pick a Peck!

October 5

Yesterday we took our annual trip to the orchard to pick a half-bushel of our favorite apples for baking pies!  Even though it had rained pretty much the entire day on Saturday, the orchards were in beautiful condition on Sunday…which was perfect for the Apple-Butter-Stir Festival at MacQueen’s!  If you’ve never been there before you’re in for a treat!  On festival day, there’s so much to do…plenty of activities for kids including pony rides, some fun fall shopping, goodies for eating, and of course–apple picking!  Even if you missed the festival, you won’t be disappointed when you meander into the rows of twisty apple trees to pick some fresh autumn fruit…followed by a sip of apple cider and a doughnut!  It has for years been a favorite family outing…and we now have the picking process mastered like a finely tuned engine!  With one boy climbing & one boy catching we can fill a bag in a matter of minutes leaving plenty of time to snap some photos for Christmas cards (often when they’re not looking!) and make a pit-stop at the bakery counter!  Once home, we’ll get ready in a day or two to peel the lot and whip up some of my grandma’s apple pie filling to pop in the freezer…a great way to have pies at the ready all year long!  Have a peek at our fun…

in the apple orchard!

Window Shopping

August 28

I can’t believe that summer vacation is over!  Most kids are back in school and leaves are ever-so-slightly turning…what the heck happened!?  I actually began working on this publication earlier this summer and it’s shocking to me that we’re now already approaching the end!  However, this lovely location is still worth sharing…and a road trip in the fall is equally as wonderful as summer!  Whenever I’m traveling about I can’t resist checking out new shops, eateries or whatever else catches my eye!  On a trip to Granville, OH to pick up my son from a camp at Denison University, I had just that chance to check out the adorable Main Street of that quaint little town!  And while the rest of my family was enjoying a frozen treat at the ice cream parlor–I  wandered next door to find this lovely shop…

a little window shopping draws me in…

A Taste of Italy!

August 19

On our recent trip to DC, a quick stop into an eatery for lunch turned into an experience above expectation!  Not only was the food absolutely delicious but the marketplace–filled with Italian meats, cheeses, wines, and sweets–was a treat in itself!  I adore snooping through shops like this one…and the only thing disappointing was that we don’t have one near us!  Before my browsing, I was treated to a freshly made sandwich topped off with piles of olive tapenade and roasted peppers!  And after completely gorging myself I really needed the “exercise” of shopping so I could make room for what else?  Gelato of course!  So today I’d like to share this fun little market…and if you’re ever in Arlington, VA–a stop at The Italian Store is highly recommend!

a little Italy…

Capitol Crush!

August 17

My family spent a long weekend visiting our nation’s capitol…and even though it was a pretty short trip, spending time in DC is always a treat!  Having in-laws living on Capitol Hill makes it easier for us to pop in for a short visit…spending time with family as well as taking in the vibrant city–from monuments and museums to the eclectic flair of common markets and street vendors!  We’ve visited several times but this is the first trip that the boys really enjoyed the little everyday moments of being in the city!  Walking to street fairs and playing ball in the park that’s nestled between brownstones, eateries, and capitol buildings are experiences very different to our everyday life at home!  The consensus is that Washington is a place my boys would like to spend an entire summer…and I really can’t blame them!  We barely scratched the surface this trip and the city didn’t fail to enamor us all once again!

everyday excitement in DC…

Fun at the Endless Yard Sale!

August 10

I am happy to report that the Endless Yard Sale was certainly a success!  My mom and I headed out bright and early for a fun-filled day of treasure hunting on what couldn’t have been a more perfect weather forecast!  Last year it was so hot you’d practically melt in the sun…but I guess that doesn’t really matter much–unless it was a total wash-out a little rain, heat, or freezing temps wouldn’t stop me from going!  But this year we got lucky!  Cool enough for a sweater at daybreak is just about as good as a summer morning gets for me!  And it was breezy enough to keep it comfortable even in the heat of the afternoon…which was welcomed since climbing in and out of the truck all day was giving us an excellent lower body workout!  I swear it felt like we got in and out 100 times!  But a well spent day…shopping, eating, and chatting with new and familiar faces on our journey south on Highway 127!  As I mentioned last week, this was a particularly busy weekend for me…the sale, several commitments for the kids, and my younger son’s birthday–all falling within two days time!  Funny how that always seems to happen!  So my mom and I had to keep our yard sale adventure down to one full–and I mean FULL–day of fun!  Next year I hope to head to Tennessee and work my way back home!  But for now, I want to share a peek at our day…

following the road of endless sales…

One for the Road!

August 5

I mentioned on Monday that I’d be getting ready to hit the road for one of my most favorite annual events…The Endless Garage sale!  This fabulous stretch of seemingly endless yard, garage, and barn sales–running on Highway 127 from Michigan to Alabama, winds through quaint towns filled with wonderful eateries, antique shops, and treasure galore!  The really fun thing about this day it that you often keep running into the same smiling faces of other treasure hunters following the same path!  So tomorrow is the big day! The official start to the long weekend of scavenging and racing to find that special thing that you just can’t live without!  This will be my third year shopping this great sale…and even though I’ve never gotten very far, and can’t even fathom traveling the entire distance (some people actually do!), I’m always looking forward to this first full weekend in August to arrive!  And since I’ve learned a thing or two from my last two trips, I’ll leave the house prepared with supplies and sustenance for a long day of fun!  Often times this trip is a family affair but too much on the calendar this year is leaving the truck with only two passengers…me and my mom!  So with this outing turning into a girl’s-day-out I decided to “fancy up” our supplies…something that boys don’t always fully appreciate!  So not only do I get to spend a day shopping with my mom…I get to pack up a little surprise for us both to share while we’re on the road!

ready for a road-trip!

Picking Peanuts

June 24

Today’s post isn’t really about picking peanuts…but in fact, about a wonderful little shop I found in Ashburn, Georgia! Whenever I’m traveling it’s a requirement to pop into fascinating little establishments along the way! The bonus of this shop is that it’s in the same plaza as a huge sausage shop…so the boys all had something to do! While I was strolling around in this fabulous market, they were checking out deli counters and store shelves full of toppings and rubs for BBQs and all types of recipes calling for meat! Thankfully this gave me some extra time to nose around…wishing I had the room to bring home car-loads of treasures! Take a peek at this lovely shop…

i sure wish Pickin’ Peanuts was in
my neck of the woods!

Summer Magic

June 15

So summer begins with a little magic for my family…kicking off our summer vacation in one of the happiest places on earth…Disney World! I know that Disney isn’t for everyone…but I have to admit that I’m a bit of a fanatic! Over the years, as the kids have grown, we’ve found that there truly is something for everyone, at every age…and any time of year! This is the first time that we’ve ever gone in the summer and though it was hot and we dodged a few rain showers…it didn’t dampen the magic of rolling a ton of summer fun into one week! Of course there’s always moments that are less-than-perfect…but I’m certain (in my house at least) that those moments are present throughout the year, vacation or not! The realities of family life! None the less, the magic of Disney was a wonderful way to begin summer vacation and soak in some seasonal inspiration along the way!

hello, summer!