How to Create a Balloon Arch

August 10

This balloon arch tutorial is shared with you courtesy of ProFlowers!

Balloon arches are so popular and incredibly festive!  They can make a party look spectacular…but I’ve never actually tried creating one myself!  ProFlowers has shared their easy, 9-step tutorial for creating such a beautiful party prop and I’m so excited to try it myself AND share it with you!  Creating a balloon arch is perfect for any type of party…and just by changing up the colors or embellishments you can compliment endless themes!  A balloon arch can add a “wow factor” to treat tables, photo booths, gift tables and more.  You can hang them, drape them, or lay them like a table runner…just let your imagination go! There aren’t many things more festive and happy as balloons…and when you combine pretty colors, greenery, and flowers you will have the ingredients for creating a showstopper!  I hope you enjoy the fun…

bring on the happiness with a balloon arch!

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check out the full tutorial here

a balloon arch used to sound completely overwhelming to me…but it really isn’t hard if you have the right supplies!  now that i’ve seen the instructions and the video tutorial i wish i would have included one for my Flocktails and Friendship ladies night i hosted in July!  but i now have the excuse of throwing another party just so i can create such a festive decoration!

here’s a quick re-cap…

how to make a balloon arch

celebrations scream for balloons…and what an elegant way to incorporate them into your party decor!  fall is just around the corner…shades of yellow and orange balloons embellished with sunflowers might be perfect for creating some autumn joy over a table filled with treats like caramel apples & pumpkin pie!  big or small, a balloon arch can take your party over the top and wow your guests!  thank you ProFlowers for sharing the fun!

get festive with a balloon arch!