Day of the Dead Treats!

September 25

Day of the Dead decor is a very popular Halloween theme!  This centuries old celebration is observed on November 1st & 2nd and is how Mexican and Mexican-Americans celebrate and honor the lives of those who have passed.  This holiday occurs near Halloween but is a colorful and much lighter celebration using symbols such as decorated skulls, butterflies and flowers!  Because of it’s beautiful, whimsical colors and decor it’s a really fun theme for all those who want something not so scary to celebrate the season!  I love it because it’s reminiscent of a fiesta…which is a fun twist on the traditional Halloween party!  And in my family, Halloween celebrations often include movies…which requires some treats and munchies!  Today I’d like to share easy ways to whip up a treat table perfect for scary OR not-so-scary movie viewing…with all the fun and flair of a holiday fiesta!

colorful, delightful, Day of the Dead treats!

Day of the Dead decorations are so plentiful now that it’s practically effortless to find a few goodies you love for decorating your table!  and the great thing about this theme…a little goes a long way so you don’t have to completely go wild with the decor to achieve a fun and whimsical setup!

Day of the Dead treats

since this table was filled with goodies to grab and go watch a film, popcorn was a must-have!  these cute buckets from Walmart stores were perfect AND inexpensive!

Day of the Dead treats

each bucket got an extra dose of sugar with the addition of a skull marshmallow pop!

Day of the Dead treats

a colorful, yarn tassel was added to each treat pop and this was so much easier than you might think!  i disassembled an inexpensive garland and merely slid the stick of the pop through the loop of the tassel!

Day of the Dead treats

another really easy DIY treat decoration:  making cupcake picks using a craft beads!  adding this guy and some colorful sprinkles to a purchased cupcake makes a really easy AND affordable way to serve a delicious, custom cupcake!

Day of the Dead treats

appetizer picks tucked behind the skull topper adds more festivity and whimsy to the cake…and still for pennies!

Day of the Dead treats

little details…

you can add simple items to create fun details…like placing the mini cakes on these felt cut-outs that act as tiny place mats…or dropping in a trinket or two like these colorful spider rings!

Day of the Dead treats

tiny paper flowers also make a sweet and thematic addition to the pumpkins.  these pretty posies are actually stickers which makes them a super easy embellishment!

Day of the Dead treats

Day of the Dead decor

and a knit skull garland gets a Day of the Dead makeover by simply pinning the flowers from a gel-cling decoration to each!  (you can find decorative pins in the wedding section of most craft stores)

Day of the Dead decor

if you’re feeling colorful…a Day of the Dead celebration might be just what you need!  a whimsical way to create a treat table or just decorate your home with something unexpected!

Day of the Dead treats

find your colorful side with…

Day of the Dead decorations!

if you’re waiting for the recipe for the Hoot Owl Cookies…i haven’t forgotten!  having  a few technical difficulties with my recipe maker but it will be coming soon!

some products found in this post can be found at:

Walmart  ~ popcorn buckets, gel clings, “Boo” balloon

Target ~ felt skulls, tassel garland, plastic spider rings

Michaels ~ skull beads

Home Goods ~ cocktail napkins, skull garland

The Fresh Market ~ mini cupcakes, skull marshmallow pops

Party City ~ appetizer picks