DC in Bloom!

April 8

Our spring break plans were somewhat different this year…normally we spend time in Florida hanging with my parents who reside in the sunshine state all winter long!  It’s so great to have a place to stay near the beach, with a washer and dryer, AND a chef…since my mom knows her way around a kitchen!  But we were thrown for a loop this year when we realized that my oldest, who’s taking some courses at The University of Toledo, was not on break at the same time as our school!  While he was on vacation as far as the High School was concerned, the University…not so much!  And since he had an exam during that week we couldn’t even consider skipping…not that we would promote that, but for Florida–maybe!  So we found ourselves scrambling to find something to do during our break!  And though we couldn’t relax on a beach, we did have enough time to head to Washington DC for a weekend getaway…so we packed up and hit the road right after the exam on Thursday!  We’ve been to DC several times to visit my husband’s family but I’ve never seen the cherry blossoms in bloom and was really excited to catch a glimpse of what I’ve heard was a magnificent sight!  And what a sight it was…and today I’d love to share it with you!

in full bloom…

even though the blooms were nearing their final days…we still had plenty of heavenly sights just about everywhere we looked!  i was a tad worried that our schedule would have this visit at the very end of the bloom but we were SO lucky that most were still in full glory!  and since some trees were coming close to the end, the petals were fluttering through the air like soft rain!  you really had to be there to experience how wonderful it was…but i hope these photos will come close!

sweet springtime…

cherry blossoms

the morning started off a little cloudy but that didn’t diminish the beauty of all the trees around the reflecting pool…

cherry blossoms

and they were even better up close…

cherry blossoms

a peek at the Jefferson Memorial through the blooms…

cherry blossoms

even though i only came equip with my iphone…i just copied what all the professional photographers were doing!  (and there were a lot of them there!)  i think some of mine came out pretty okay, like these from the FDR Memorial…

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

there just aren’t any words…

cherry blossoms

one or two more memorials…

the Washington…

Washington monument

Washington Memorial

the Lincoln…

Lincoln Memorial

and a couple that we hadn’t seen before…

the Korean War Memorial…

Korean War memorial

and the WW2 Memorial…

WW2 Memorial

it turned out to be a hot day…almost felt like Florida!  i’m not sure you’re supposed to get your feet in the pool, but it looks like there’s a couple getting their piggies wet!  it’s not the beach…but what a view!


a stroll through this sweet little tulip garden made me excited for mine to bloom at home…if the weather decides to cooperate OR the deer don’t eat them first!

tulip garden


let’s eat…

and after all the viewing and museum-ing (not a word, i know!)  we enjoyed another wonderful thing about DC…the food!  our favorite French restaurant was calling…


we got a table outside and i completely enjoyed the Montmartre shrimp and avocado salad…it’s making me hungry for it again just looking at the picture!

shrimp salad

and of course we HAD to stop by our favorite DC place…Eastern Market!  only a couple blocks from my in-law’s home it’s a must-see whenever we visit.  what did we do there this time?  eat.

chicken adobo & pancit

and enjoy the flavorful sights…and sounds!


DC is filled with so much fun…but i have to say that this time was really something special!  time with family, endless exploring, and ALL THOSE BLOOMS…leaving us

charmed by cherry blossoms!

check out the links to Eastern Market and Montmartre…i know you’ll enjoy it!  and if you’re ever in the DC area you should pay them a visit!

  1. Tammy

    April 8

    What great photos, Lori! You really have a good eye. They bring back memories of when my family and I were able to visit my sister during spring break when she lived in Washington, D.C. After your story, I’d love to go back and visit the Eastern Market, which I’ve never been to, and the French restaurant. Thanks!

    • Lori

      April 9

      Thanks! I hope if you get a chance to go back you can visit the market…I know you’d love it!

  2. Diane

    April 9

    Absolutely beautiful photos. Being in south Florida I miss seeing Spring come alive.

    • Lori

      April 10

      Thank you so much! It was a beautiful sight that we were so lucky to see!