Firecracker Fun!

June 29

Next Tuesday is the Fourth of July!  I absolutely love this summertime holiday…it’s so fun & festive and it also makes me feel like summer has really arrived!  One of my favorite things about the 4th, aside from the holiday colors, would have to be the fireworks!  Whether watching a holiday show light up the night sky or just having some good old-fashioned sparkler fun in the backyard…it just wouldn’t seem right to not have some kind of sparkle in our celebration!  So today, I’m sharing an easy, patriotic DIY that can add some fun decor to your home or holiday gathering…and it just happens to remind me of my favorite thing!  Let’s craft up some sparkle…

crackle, fizzle…kaboom!


the inspiration for this DIY project came from a craft kit i found last year.  i thought the idea was so cute for making little firecrackers from tubes and string…so i decided to make a larger one to add to the collection!  this is what you’ll need to create your own…


paper tube

holiday napkins


glittery floral picks

white glue



DIY firecracker project

i used a cardboard tube container from the craft store for the body of my firecracker.  i just removed the lid and turned it upside down on a holiday napkin to trace the circle shape which would cover the top (formerly the base of the tube)

firecracker DIY

and cut out the shape…


using mod podge i attached the tissue like i was decoupaging.  a light layer of glue on the top and slightly over the edges will be just enough for the lightweight napkin.  and don’t worry about little wrinkles, you can smooth them out as you work!


before i covered the rest of the tube i pierced a hole in the bottom edge so to easily thread the “fuse” through later.  you can see it on the top right of the photo…


using another napkin to cover the body, i laid the firecracker with the finished edge flush with the top edge of the napkin letting the excess hang below. then working in sections, i brushed on light layers of glue and rolled up the tube until it was completely covered.  you can cut off extra material or just overlap it and decoupage it to the tube.  many of the little wrinkles will come out as it dries so don’t worry too much about that!  once it’s done, no one will notice any little imperfections!

DIY firecracker

flip the firecracker over and tuck in the excess napkin at the bottom.  you can use a little glue or even tape to hold it tight, no one will ever see this part!


while it’s upside down, you can see where to thread the twine “fuse” through the bottom.  put a knot on the inside so it stays put!

DIY firecracker

i cut off some fringe from a red, sparkly florist pick to make the “flame” on the end of the fuse.  a little piece of clear tape holds it on…


more easy embellishments…

just using my computer i printed simple words that reminded me of firecrackers and cut them out all jagged…


i combined some small glitter picks from the craft store for a festive and sparkly topper….

4th of July DIY

with a sharp knife i added a small slit to the top of the fire cracker and tucked the picks in!  once the glue was completely dry i used tape to hold the signs to the front of the DIY firecracker AND the ones from the purchased kit…a really easy and festive addition!


so if you love fireworks and firecrackers as much as i do, get ready for the 4th with some DIY fun…

red, white, and kaboom!

  1. Aditya Sharma

    July 29

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    • Lori

      July 30

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!