It’s a DIY Friday!

May 6

This has been a very eventful week!  May Day celebrations started the first week of the month off in springtime style, followed closely by Cinco De Mayo, and ending soon with Mother’s Day!  And if all these holidays weren’t enough…I decided to host a breakfast tomorrow for some girlfriends who are on a committee with me for a school event coming up very soon!  I was thinking of having a celebration for them after the event was over…but the 7 day forecast this week made Saturday sound perfect for some coffee and treats on the patio!  And since Mother’s Day falls over the weekend, some school  activities are taking a break due to the holiday…so I figured most of us would be available!  I know it sounds like a lot to plan…but I’m actually celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom the following weekend when my parents come to visit, so the breakfast party fit perfectly into my schedule!  And another bonus, it’s kind of like a mini Mom’s Day celebration for us friends to chat over coffee and nibbles…maybe even a mimosa or two!  I’m so excited to have them join me so i can offer up some much deserved thanks for all their help!  So I’ve been crafting up some simple embellishments for our little gathering that you could use for a holiday brunch or any other special event!  And they’re so easy to create you’ll have plenty of time to whip some up for a special celebration…like Mother’s Day perhaps?

let’s get crafting!

i really want to set up a pretty buffet to show the girls how much i appreciate them!  it’s so easy to add toppers and tassels to make just about anything look fabulous!  so this  craft is designed to do just that…top some treats with springtime style!  all you need are some artificial flowers, toothpicks and glue!

craft supplies

i chose a pink hydrangea bush to make my floral picks…you can use any silk flower, but ones that are made of clusters of individual blooms will go farther and cost much less!  you could use real flowers too which would be extraordinary…but i decided to use nonperishable materials so i could make extra and save them for later!

pink hydrangea

just pluck the petals from the stems and add a dot of hot glue to the plastic tip at the base of the flower…

makin a floral cake pick

and just stick in your toothpick!  SO simple!

flower cake picks

now all you need is a goodie to top…i’m using mini muffins since it’s a breakfast party!

mini muffin with flower topper

how cute and simple to top the muffin with a berry and a pick!  i can’t wait to see them altogether on a platter!

floral cake top

pretty AND so easy!  make a floral pick that’s just right for you’re celebration!

best wishes for a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend!