Last Minute Table Treats!

April 14

If you’re serving a special meal for your Easter celebrations, you may have already considered some cute place cards or treats to help decorate your table!  It’s a festive addition that looks as cute as it is appreciated by your family and guests!  But if you’re still in need of some ideas that are quick and easy…I’ve got you covered!  And, the great news is you still have plenty of time to whip up these tabletop goodies in time for your Easter meal!  So let’s get right to it today…

sweet treats in a DIY snap!

often times a name card or treat at a place setting is a very simple way to make a table look special since it’s not something we create for an ordinary dinner!  but it doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive, or difficult!  check out how i used the baking cups from my bunny breakfast to hold a colorful candy egg…

Easter treat cups

if you wanted to add a name…some paper straws and your computer can help!

DIY place cards

you can use a glue stick to attach the names to the sections of the straw…

Easter place cards

and you’ve got a really festive place card…that you can eat!  you can use any Easter candy you’ve got on hand!

treat cup place cards

egg cup fun…

if you have egg cups in the house or any tiny bowls or cordial glasses, you can give this idea a try…here’s some of the supplies i’m using for my table this year

treat cup supplies

i found the darling cups and chocolate bunny ears at World Market.  just because it’s an EGG cup doesn’t require it to hold eggs…how about ears in stead?  i filled each cup with my favorite sprinkles…

treat cups

to help hold up the chocolate bunny ears!  you can find these and many other fun sprinkle mixes at The Bakers Party Shop!

Easter treat cups

how cute are these goodies to place at each setting?  if you can’t get your hands on chocolate ears, try a marshmallow Peep or another chocolate shape that you love!  i’m not even putting names on these, since it’s just my family we don’t need  special seating arrangements!

bunny ear treats

pop…of color!

this one’s the easiest yet!  how about a cute bottle of soda pop with a fun straw tied to it?  you could add a name tag too…tie it onto mini bottles of wine for the adults and soda for the kids.  a fun way to combine a place card AND beverage!  these purple beauties will grace a couple of place settings at our Sunday meal!

bunny sodas

so it’s not too late to whip up something special for your holiday table!  make it easy, make it fun…

make it a happy Easter!

it sure has been a busy week full of festivities!  i’ll be taking Monday off next week so i have time to spend the entire weekend enjoying my family and the holiday!  See you next Thursday…we’ve got to get a jump on Cinco De Mayo! 🙂