Red, White, Blue…and Sip!

May 22

After my patriotic project last week creating the cork firecrackers for my holiday table, I  stayed in the mood for red, white, and blue!  It’s such a fun, summertime color combo whether you’re celebrating a stars & stripes holiday or not!  Inspired by something I saw in a catalog, I decided to try my hand at another really easy project to sweeten up a favorite hot-weather drink…the milkshake!  In our house we seem to be making this favorite treat any time of the year but summer is the season my boys REALLY crave them!  And though the official start of summer hasn’t arrived quite yet…it sure felt like it for a few days making it the perfect time to try this treat out!  The great thing about this project is that you can use the idea for any drink or any time of year…but since patriotic celebrations are on the horizon, I’m sticking with the holiday color trio for my frosty beverages!  See how easy and fun it can be to add some sugar to your sipper…

candy coat your straws!

go grab some melting chocolate, sprinkles of your choice, and straws!  i happen to love the wide variety for really thick drinks like floats, milkshakes, or smoothies…so much easier to get the goods up and into the mouth!  i used white chocolate chips, white sprinkles mix, and tiny blue star sprinkles to embellish them…

candy straws DIY

with the back of a spoon spread on a light layer of melted chocolate over the tip of the straw.  you can make the section as big or as small as you like!

candy coated straw

then sprinkle on your mix…

candy straw DIY

i laid the decorated straws on a plate with the coated ends hanging over the edge so i wouldn’t smash the backside of the candy.

candies straws

it doesn’t take long for them to dry…then they’ll be ready to use in the drink of your choice!

candied straws

i got these great plastic cups with straw-friendly lids from my friends at The Bakers Party Shop!

milkshake makins

i really intended to use them for icy drinks but they also make the perfect mini milkshake container!

candy straws

my sweet straws might have been a tad long for my mini shakes…but i didn’t hear any complaining!  each time you sip…a little extra sugar touches your lips!

patriotic milkshakes

an easy project for extra sweet sipping!

product guide:

cups with straw lids, white sprinklefetti mix  The Baker’s Party Shop

wide straws, star sprinkles  Michaels


  1. I love this easy diy for drinking in festive style. Great idea and I love those cups too

    • Lori

      May 25

      Thanks Brenda! A little sugar can make anything fun!

  2. Alyssa

    May 24

    Ooh yummy! Looks super cute!

    • Lori

      May 25

      Thanks so much Alyssa! They were fun to make!