Springtime Snack

February 20

After a long day of yard work on what might have been the most beautiful February afternoon I can remember, I whipped together an easy snack for grab and go munching.  It really wasn’t much, some sparkling waters and mini cookies & marshmallows.  It kind of reminded me of a s’more minus the chocolate!  But what that simple snack really did was inspire me to make an even better one the next day!  This incredible warm spell in the dead of winter is making me believe it’s already April, and even though I know Easter is a long way away and it most likely WILL snow again before the springtime holiday arrives…I’m going to go ahead and enjoy some sneak peeks of the new season to come!  So today I’d like to share this sweet and EASY snack that you can serve in the days leading up to Easter…or whenever you want a little treat!  Get hoppin’ and whip up some…

bunny s’mores mix

i love quick and easy snacks!  and i love sweet little treat tables!  it can be so easy to have both when you serve up something semi-homemade!  with little more than some purchased munchies, bottled waters, and several leftover blooms from a Valentine bouquet, a springtime inspired snack station is born…

spring snack

let’s start with the simple snack mix…you can use any combo of munchies you love!  i adore the Annies Homegrown bunny cookies and crackers…they’re so darn good AND tasty!  these happen to be flavored like snickerdoodles…

bunnty grahams

add in some mini marshmallows…maybe in some springtime hues?

mini marshmallows

colorful M & Ms…

Easter candies

and for extra chocolate (what’s a s’more without the chocolate right?) these mini Klondike candy pieces add some fudge-like, chocolatey goodness!

mini Klondike candy

you could add some nuts, pretzels, or cereal if you want some salty-sweetness and extra crunch but this time around we stuck with plain old sweet s’mores!

Easter bunny mix

and when you’re eating something so sweet, you need something to wash it down!  milk would be a wonderful choice but since i wanted to keep some extra beverages in the fridge ready for guests, i chose bottled waters to dress up for this springtime snack station!  all you need is some paper and a cute sticker like these little wooden eggs!  simply cut a strip of paper to cover the bottle label, wrap it around and secure with tape.  then pop your sticker right to the front…so easy!  AND you can keep the extras in the fridge until the next time you have holiday visitors!

DIY bottle wraps

you don’t need a paper cutter to create these cute covers…scissors work just fine!  you could also wrap the bottle in decorative tape (there’s plenty of choices out there now!) or try using the already-cut-strips from paper chain kits found in most party stores!  either way, wrapping a drink looks so sweet and is pretty effortless to do!

Easter egg water bottles

and some paper straws always make a happy addition to any drink and no matter how you serve it!

spring straws

i found this adorable wire container filled with bottle vases at Kirklands.  i love being able to make a big splash of color with a few single stems!  you could use any collection of glasses, vases or bottles you have on hand to get the same look!

spring straws

i also added some wood letters from the craft store and simply leaned them against the crate.  they were a purchase from several years ago and i keep them in my box of paper globes and other goodies that i can recycle!  one storage container can hold a whole lot of savings!  but no matter what you use to decorate, a sweet snack is always welcome with kids and adults alike…and is SO easy if you’ve got some handy pantry staples!

Easter snack

i don’t know about you…but i’m hoppin right into spring this year!   and after our warm spell slows down in a few days, i’ll focus on some shamrocks and pots of gold.  but for now…

i’m dreaming of springtime!

you can find the bunny candy dish, paper straws, votive (straw) holder, and adhesive wood eggs at the Target dollarspot!

  1. Anonymous

    February 20

    I love the spring colors and the flowers! Thanks, Lori!

    • Lori

      February 21

      Thank you so much! I’m ready for those spring colors!!!