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Easy DIY Advent Calendar

November 30

December is just around the corner and in my house that means time to begin one of my favorite traditions…the countdown to Christmas morning!  An advent calendar is such a wonderful way to countdown the days to the evening the big man pays a visit, building the anticipation as the cheerful tags disappear one by one!  When my boys were little we started this tradition by hanging little bags and boxes filled with tiny trinkets and candy…little tokens to open each morning leading up to Christmas Day!  Back then it was so easy to find inexpensive goodies that the kids were thrilled over…stickers, bouncy balls, a Hot Wheel car or a piece of candy!  The candy is still a hit but as the boys have grown it has been increasingly difficult to find small items that they would appreciate that won’t break the bank!  The days of giving stickers unfortunately are over for me, so the past few years I’ve really struggled to find useful or fun little items to fill up the 24 days in our advent!  This year I came up with a new twist that helps me save money AND time!  Let me share with you a new idea for our old tradition and a really easy way to create it!

advent calendar with a twist!

Christmas Countdown…

November 21

Well, Thanksgiving is only a couple days away…and since it’s early this year, it does give some hope for those of us who are feeling like there’s just not enough time to get all the Christmas shopping started or the decorations hung!  I love it when we have those extra few days after the feast is over rather than the years when December 1 seems to be the day after Thanksgiving!  And since we have those extra days in our back pocket, we also still have time to put together a Christmas advent calendar…something that’s been a tradition in our home since the boys were little!  It’s such a fun way to count down the days to Christmas by unwrapping a little trinket each morning!  And even though my boys are getting older, I don’t think that’s any reason to stop the festivities…who says the fun has to end when you grow up?  So let me share how I’m preparing our advent this year, and I hope you can find some inspiration for yours…there’s still plenty of time!

get ready to count the days…

Black & White Holiday

November 23

If you had to pick two colors that scream Christmas I bet you might not choose black and white!  I LOVE traditional holiday colors and will always use them in my home…but this year I decided to decorate a little differently!  The color palette in my house is pretty neutral and that makes it easy to change it up for any season…so a little black and white Christmas is in the works!  It really is a fun, new color combo for the holidays…you see plenty of it in the stores which makes it even easier to get inspired AND find great items!  At Christmastime I always create an advent for my boys and this year my tiny sun room will host the tiny gifts hanging…all dressed up in their black & whites!  This is a great space to decorate in non-traditional color…it’s not the biggest of rooms and it’s not the first thing you see when you walk into our home–so I can feel free to experiment a little!  And the greatest thing…black & white looks good with ANY color so I can add other hues to make my Christmas really shine!

try a little B&W this holiday!