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Black & White Holiday

November 23

If you had to pick two colors that scream Christmas I bet you might not choose black and white!  I LOVE traditional holiday colors and will always use them in my home…but this year I decided to decorate a little differently!  The color palette in my house is pretty neutral and that makes it easy to change it up for any season…so a little black and white Christmas is in the works!  It really is a fun, new color combo for the holidays…you see plenty of it in the stores which makes it even easier to get inspired AND find great items!  At Christmastime I always create an advent for my boys and this year my tiny sun room will host the tiny gifts hanging…all dressed up in their black & whites!  This is a great space to decorate in non-traditional color…it’s not the biggest of rooms and it’s not the first thing you see when you walk into our home–so I can feel free to experiment a little!  And the greatest thing…black & white looks good with ANY color so I can add other hues to make my Christmas really shine!

try a little B&W this holiday!