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DC in Bloom!

April 8

Our spring break plans were somewhat different this year…normally we spend time in Florida hanging with my parents who reside in the sunshine state all winter long!  It’s so great to have a place to stay near the beach, with a washer and dryer, AND a chef…since my mom knows her way around a kitchen!  But we were thrown for a loop this year when we realized that my oldest, who’s taking some courses at The University of Toledo, was not on break at the same time as our school!  While he was on vacation as far as the High School was concerned, the University…not so much!  And since he had an exam during that week we couldn’t even consider skipping…not that we would promote that, but for Florida–maybe!  So we found ourselves scrambling to find something to do during our break!  And though we couldn’t relax on a beach, we did have enough time to head to Washington DC for a weekend getaway…so we packed up and hit the road right after the exam on Thursday!  We’ve been to DC several times to visit my husband’s family but I’ve never seen the cherry blossoms in bloom and was really excited to catch a glimpse of what I’ve heard was a magnificent sight!  And what a sight it was…and today I’d love to share it with you!

in full bloom…