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Hop Little Rabbit

April 6

It seemed like Easter was so far away for the longest time…but Good Friday is just over a week away!  The time is just flying by, as usual, and I’m feeling like I need to get a move on when it comes to our Easter plans!  So today I’m sharing some simple and sweet inspiration for the Easter table…some easy ideas for  place settings, centerpieces, and dessert!  You know how much I love semi homemade treats and with time being so valuable, I couldn’t help but create one more! And as far as table decorations go, the same view applies…easy and simple are definitely a priority in my book!  Check out these almost effortless natural elements on a dessert table for four…

who’s hoppin’ in the garden?

Cupcake…7 ways

March 26

Though it may not feel like it, Spring is finally upon us!  With so many reasons to celebrate this season, we’d like to share some springtime ideas for easy cupcake decorations.  Even though the cupcake trend isn’t at its peak anymore don’t forgo this yummy treasure!  Trends are overrated anyway…we love cupcakes and they couldn’t be easier to whip up to make your event or gathering look extra festive!  They’re easy to eat, easy to buy, easy to bake, without frosting they freeze wonderfully, and they look extraordinary with simple embellishments!  Here’s a look at one cupcake…7 ways…so easy!

whether you buy them or bake them…cupcakes are always a big hit!