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Last Minute Table Treats!

April 14

If you’re serving a special meal for your Easter celebrations, you may have already considered some cute place cards or treats to help decorate your table!  It’s a festive addition that looks as cute as it is appreciated by your family and guests!  But if you’re still in need of some ideas that are quick and easy…I’ve got you covered!  And, the great news is you still have plenty of time to whip up these tabletop goodies in time for your Easter meal!  So let’s get right to it today…

sweet treats in a DIY snap!

Mini Forest

December 16

I get so excited to decorate my holiday table for Christmas dinner!  I also love to try new recipes…but since my family members are creatures of habit, I often serve up many of the same recipes for our holiday meal each year!  It’s hard to deviate from something that works and everyone looks forward to!  But as far as decorations are concerned…I have plenty of freedom to experiment!  I don’t think I’ll hear any complaining about the color I choose for the table runner, but it would be an outrage if there was no sweet potato casserole!  So since the menu is pretty set…I’ll be content to play around with the table decor and create something special for our meal together!  I haven’t yet decided on a centerpiece…but I can tell you it will be simple!  But while busily crafting for Giggle this season, I’ve had the opportunity to have plenty of holiday supplies on hand, some of which inspired the idea for place cards on my Christmas table!  I love simple DIY projects…and this one is so easy and requires minimal AND inexpensive supplies from the craft store!  Have a peek at what I’m making…

a mini forest for the table!