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Save a Seat for Peter Cottontail!

April 12

Today I’m sharing some “bunny” fun along with 9 other bloggers in a DIY inspired Instagram Loop!  We’ve come together to create an easy way to “hop” from IG link to link grabbing up plenty of inspiration for Easter celebrations you may be hosting this weekend!  Tonight at 7:30 pm EST you can easily loop through all our accounts and grab the blog links for all the DIY tutorials…so you won’t want to miss the inspiration from my talented friends!  I’m sharing how I created some really simple and sweet place cards and favors that your guests will love!  Check out the step-by-step instructions…

hop right into Easter!

Recycled DIY

March 2
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I’ve been on a spring cleaning kick lately!  I’m pretty sure I’m driving my family crazy cleaning out the drawers and cupboards, the playroom and closets…even the garage!  I feel the need to purge and create a fresh beginning to a new season!  And even though I’ve been somewhat successful in getting rid of things we’ve outgrown, don’t use, or just don’t even remember why we got it in the first place…the hidden hoarder in me sometimes shows her face and makes me think twice about discarding an item or two!  Such was the case when I found some sweet little spice jars in a box of mostly junk that I was ready to throw away.  I pulled the tiny containers from the trash and was about to plunk them right into the “donate” box when I realized that I just might want to see if there was a way I could make these things useful!  So even though my goal has been to clean house…a simple DIY idea made it possible to hang onto these mini vintage beauties…at least for a little longer!  Let me share a fun, any day project…

a “spicy” repurpose!

I Spy November DIY

November 2
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Happy November everyone!  Can you even believe that October and all the trick-or-treat festivities are already behind us!?  This is the time of year where I love to enjoy the calm before the whirlwind of Christmas celebrations!  It can actually be difficult to not get ahead of myself and miss the wonderful joys that this month brings…like gatherings, feasts, and spending time with family!  Today I’d like to share some DIY projects that I have planned for the month…and not just for the Thanksgiving table!  I’m actually just showing a sneak peek…because quite honestly I didn’t have the time to complete anything I started!  That silly little thing called Halloween just got in the way!  But take a look anyway, and see if you can guess what the outcomes will be!  I promise I’ll share them all in their entirety throughout the month…and hopefully spark plenty of inspiration along the way!

a glimpse of do-it-yourself…

Magnetic Mini Garden

May 11
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As I promised on Monday, today I’ll share how easy it was to make the darling succulent magnets that I handed out to my friends at breakfast on Saturday!  They make such lovely and useful little gifts…and would be wonderful as favors for any special event!  I think handmade gifts are so thoughtful!  I’m always touched when I receive something handcrafted which makes me love giving those heartfelt little gifts even more!  Take a peek at the extremely simple instructions for the mini succulent magnets…

let’s craft a tiny planter!

It’s a DIY Friday!

May 6
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This has been a very eventful week!  May Day celebrations started the first week of the month off in springtime style, followed closely by Cinco De Mayo, and ending soon with Mother’s Day!  And if all these holidays weren’t enough…I decided to host a breakfast tomorrow for some girlfriends who are on a committee with me for a school event coming up very soon!  I was thinking of having a celebration for them after the event was over…but the 7 day forecast this week made Saturday sound perfect for some coffee and treats on the patio!  And since Mother’s Day falls over the weekend, some school  activities are taking a break due to the holiday…so I figured most of us would be available!  I know it sounds like a lot to plan…but I’m actually celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom the following weekend when my parents come to visit, so the breakfast party fit perfectly into my schedule!  And another bonus, it’s kind of like a mini Mom’s Day celebration for us friends to chat over coffee and nibbles…maybe even a mimosa or two!  I’m so excited to have them join me so i can offer up some much deserved thanks for all their help!  So I’ve been crafting up some simple embellishments for our little gathering that you could use for a holiday brunch or any other special event!  And they’re so easy to create you’ll have plenty of time to whip some up for a special celebration…like Mother’s Day perhaps?

let’s get crafting!


March 9
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On Monday I shared my spring inspired buffet decor which included the sweet and so-simple-to-make bunny and chick eggs!  Today I’d like to share how easy it is to make these little guys!  And the best part is that you can craft these cuties with your kids…only changing a couple steps to make them little-hands friendly!  Maybe a cute classroom idea for spring?  So get your “egghead” on, get inspired, and think Easter!  Let’s get right to it and…

start some spring crafting!

“Egg-celent” Decoupage!

February 29

Easter comes early this year…and even though I hate to jump ahead of holidays that haven’t even arrived yet, Easter follows so closely behind St. Patrick’s Day that we barely have time to make the switch!  So while we await the arrival of the Leprechauns, I decided to go ahead and start my spring crafting!  I don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Easter activities is decorating eggs!  It’s such a fun holiday tradition and there are so many wonderful color kits out there to dye, glitter, stamp, glue, or paint those eggs into Easter glory!  At our house we love to hard-boil a bunch of eggs, dunk ’em in all those pretty pastel dyes…and then we eat them!  But because it’s hard to keep real eggs fresh for a month or so, I also like to decorate the fake variety too!  This way I can enjoy them throughout the Easter season and recycle them for seasons to come!  The inspiration for my artificial eggs came when I discovered a pretty pack of tissues in the checkout isle…not for wrapping but for blowing!  They were way too cute to use on noses…so I decided to decoupage with them!  And as it turned out, the tissue was so effective to work with since it easily wrapped around the soft curves of the plastic eggs!  So I spent a rainy afternoon cutting out designs and crafting up some springtime joy!

a rainy day DIY…

Lovin’ Those Tissue Tassels & Poms!

January 8
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Even though winter has really just begun…I’m ready for some spring color!  Maybe it’s because the weather has been so warm and the grass in our backyard is actually still green?  Maybe the thermometer has given the false impression that spring is just around the corner?  Or maybe the festivity of the holiday has merely spilled over making me want to keep everything happy and bright?  I’m not sure the real reason!  And even though I LOVE hunkering down indoors during the long winter nights I guess there’s no rule that states I can’t do that while surrounded by some cheerful hues!  So with the thought of Valentines Day on the distant horizon I added some pinks & purples just to make me smile!  I absolutely love tissue paper tassels and poms for making a room look whimsical and festive!  Mostly we think of using them for parties…but why wait for a celebration to perk up your spaces, right?  They’re easy and inexpensive to make…and now you can buy kits that have them practically put together for you!  So if you’re feeling the need for some colorful cheer…let some tassels & poms brighten your spaces!

whimsical, winter color…