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Easy Halloween Decor!

October 19

Halloween is less than two weeks away!  And if you’re as busy as everyone else seems to be this year, you might not have all your decorations out for the season!  I used to go all out for Halloween…it really is one of our favorite holidays to decorate for!  But as the kids have grown, I’ve really tried to dial it back a notch when it comes to my Halloween decor and only go a little crazy when we have a party!  So today I’d like to share some of my simple displays and a few of my favorite things to make decorating easy!  If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands you can still add some spooktacular fun to your rooms…

cast a spell…

and get your Halloween decor ready!

Easy All Hallows Eve!

October 7

I love to decorate for the holidays…any holiday!  But I totally understand that not everyone shares the same passion…not due to lack of enthusiasm but sometimes not knowing where to begin!  It can seem overwhelming to go all out with holiday decor…not only can it be expensive but what goes up must eventually come down which can cause us to avoid the hassle!  I can’t imagine not decorating for Halloween, but as the years keep getting busier I don’t want to be under unnecessary pressure to create a holiday fun-house!  And I don’t want to feel the need to out-do myself each time a holiday rolls around…those expectations add too much stress to what should be fun times with family & friends!  Fortunately there are some simple ways to add some minimal holiday touches to a home…they’ll still look just as festive and won’t cost as much either!  I’d like to share some Halloween ideas that are easy to put up AND easy to take down…’cause I really understand the dread of packing all those decorations away!  So decorate as much or as little as you want…but you don’t need to pass on ALL the fun!  I hope you can get some inspiration from my pared down decorating this season…my much simpler displays are still enough for me to feel the whimsy of this season without all the effort!

simply spooky…