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Simple Hot Cocoa Setup!

September 14

Hot cocoa is a favorite drink at my house…and when the first cool breezes blow I break out the fixin’s for a do-it-yourself cocoa station to take the chill off and satisfy tummies!  Whether you’re hosting an autumn party or just want to create a sweet surprise for your family, a hot cocoa buffet can be really easy to set up in a pinch!  I often keep the basic cocoa supplies in my kitchen all year long…it’s a chocolaty sip that’s even a favored drink on a cool summer evening!  But now that the unofficial end to summer has come and gone, it’s almost that time for sipping on warm drinks and snuggling around a fire!  I hope you can find some inspiration for your hot cocoa stations…no matter where you put them!

it’s hot cocoa time!

Cocoa Cart

December 10

With cold weather upon us it seems fitting to break out the hot cocoa to warm hearts, tummies, and frozen fingers as they hug the toasty mugs filled with fudgy goodness!  (is “fudgy” a word?)  So many varieties of the chocolate treat are available in stores and coffee shops…and you can simply melt the real stuff in hot milk for a decadent indulgence!  A deserved reward for shoveling the walk, building the best-ever snowman, or a hard day of chilly play…whatever the reason hot cocoa is a winter tradition and delight–an easy way to bring smiles to the faces of those you love!  Grab some favorite containers and fill them with the makings for this sweet, warm treat…have a cocoa station at the ready for anytime guests arrive or kids come in from the cold!  This year a bar cart holds all the mugs & fixins…but a space on the counter will always do and looks so festive during the holiday season!  A treat that will be well received all winter long–so celebrate hot cocoa…

a simple pleasure!