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Tea Party for Two-a Simple Celebration

August 7

Serving afternoon tea can be a tradition AND an excuse to visit with friends! One thing I love most is being able to hang out with my family and friends…and if I have the time, I also love to make these moments feel special!  Everyday celebrations are my absolute favorite…and they can be so much easier to plan and are equally as appreciated by guests as their larger counterpart!  I do like to make simple gatherings seem every bit as festive…and why not have a “party” as often as you can?  It sure makes me much happier…and it really isn’t hard or expensive to add the tiniest touches to turn almost any situation into a celebration!  I was so thrilled to get the chance to catch up with one of my friends the other day so I took that opportunity to create a little tea-for-two fun to show her how special she is to me!  Let me share with you the simple festivities…

tea party~time to “bee” happy!

Candy Creation!

December 2

I love DIY projects…especially when they involve candy!  Today I want to share an adorable craft that the whole family can take part in…and if you wish, actually eat afterward!  I can’t take credit for the idea…this was something that my mom and I discovered while rummaging through the endless yard sales this past summer.  I don’t even know who to give credit since this sweet little creation was purchased from one of the many, many vendors along the Ohio stretch of Highway 127!  But it’s adorable, creative, fun, and would be a tasty treat to top any gift or just give as a favor for all the younger humans in your life!  And even though my boys might have outgrown the excitement of receiving this treat, they’ll still have fun making them to hand out to all the littler kiddos who visit our home this holiday season!  Take a peek and…

get creative with candy!