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Patriotic Project!

May 18

It certainly has been feeling like summer around here lately!  I was complaining that it had been too chilly…and now all of the sudden it went from cool, spring showers directly into the sweltering dog days of summer!  The temperatures are feeling a lot more like July than May…so it got me a little inspired for some Red, White, and Blue.  And bonus, Memorial Day is just around the corner so this little DIY I have planned for today will be a fun addition to your May 29th celebrations AND the Fourth of July!  So we’ll get right to it today and work on a patriotic project to celebrate those red, white, and blue holidays!

create some “kaboom”!

Red, White, and Boom!

June 15

I was out shopping yesterday…not the fun kind of shopping but ordinary, necessity type shopping.  But while I was out trudging I spied a really cute idea and the inspiration for a holiday craft was born!  So instead of heading home, I detoured to the craft store to grab a couple inexpensive supplies so I could try and recreate this adorable idea for a patriotic centerpiece!  And you may be wondering what it was that I saw that got me so inspired?…oversized firecrackers!  I thought this fun stick of dynamite might make a festive decoration for our Fourth of July celebration…and I knew I could make one for a fraction of the price tag on the ones in the shop!  I love DIY projects that are easy, inexpensive, and relatively quick to create…especially for those holidays that seem to come and go before you blink an eye!  But patriotic celebrations kick-start all the summer fun and I just can’t help myself from decorating the patio with some red, white, & blue!  So let me share this festive DIY…there’s plenty of time to grab some supplies and have some~

firecracker fun!