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Fridge Frenzy!

September 7

I’ve been on an organizing kick…I’ve mentioned it on Instagram a time or two!  But I’ve been taking it slow…trying to tackle small spaces at a time in hopes to get it as right as possible, stay within a budget, and not destroy my mental health trying to get it ALL done at once!  And you know what?  By keeping each project rather small, it has been amazingly satisfying!  It allows me to actually complete the task at hand and not get overwhelmed.  Needles to say, there’s many, many more small areas to organize but for me, this is definitely the way to do it!  So not long ago I shared a photograph on Instagram of a spectacularly organized refrigerator…and I happen to own the very same model.  Mine, however, looked nothing like the one in the photograph…but not for long!  I love getting such great organizing inspiration…and if this time it keeps me from having to totally dig through my fridge only to find something that’s sprouted roots and is ready to walk away…I’m game!  So my fridge may not be organized EXACTLY like the one I saw…but it IS a whole heck of a lot better!  Let me share some of the fun finds that I used to free up my fridge from its normal frenzy!

organizing makes room for much more…