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Favorite Things

February 16

Happy Thursday!  I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day doing something that made you feel special!  It was a busy week around my house with several gatherings, celebrations, and events all falling within a couple days time!  And for me, that’s not the norm!  I’m so content to hang at home that when I don’t have those opportunities it can make my week feel a little frazzled!  But frazzled or not, it was an lovely holiday week and BONUS, we now get a 4 day weekend due to a teacher work day and Presidents’ Day…and I’m so thrilled to have that extra time with my family!  So today I’d like to share some favorite things…some festive goodies for those “everyday” celebrations & upcoming holidays, AND a fun and EASY treat from the oven!  I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!  Take a peek…

celebrate simple moments!

A String of Good Luck!

February 26

St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal in our house!  Ever since my boys were little they looked forward to seeing what pranks those pesky Leprechauns played while we slept on St. Paddy’s Day eve!  And no matter what havoc they wreaked, they always left a consolation…gold coins in the kid’s shoes!  (however, they should have left ME money since I was the one to clean up the mess…even though I created it!)  But even though they’re older and the belief that those pranksters are real was lost some time ago, it wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have some Irish festivity leading up to our annual corned beef & cabbage feast!  And even though I LOVE creating holiday fun for my family, it’s not the only reason I continue on with it…I hope that these traditions we’ve cherished through the years will continue on some day when my boys have families of their own!  So I don’t tear the house apart any more pretending that the Leprechauns were the culprits…but I still leave coins in the shoes and always create some Irish joy in the house–somewhere!  This year my inspiration came from some tiny clips that reminded me of a rainbow.  And since coins are always found at the end of the rainbow, I decided to make a whimsical garland celebrating the gold at the colorful end!  Have a look at this easy DIY that will sure to bring smiles to kids of all ages!

at the end of the rainbow…