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Sugar Cookie Fun!

March 6

I love to bake cookies…and one of my all time favorites would have to be a good old sugar cookie!  There’s not many things more festive or tasty than a cute, cut-out cookie topped with sprinkles! I love them to be a little on the soft side too which in the past made it hard to find a recipe that would hold its shape when cutting them out!  It’s so disappointing when you’ve got an adorable cutter but when the cookie bakes it ends up looking like a puddle!  Well, no more!  several years ago I was searching for a tasty AND easy cookie recipe that would keep it’s form, taste delicious, and require no chilling…yes I said no chilling!  If you’re an impatient baker like myself, the last requirement is the icing on the cookie for sure!  So today I’d like to share with you this wonderfully simple cookie recipe and a peek at some cookie fun I’ve got up my sleeve!

it’s time for spring baking…

Best Sugar Cookie

March 27

I love to make cut-out cookies…but I can never find a recipe perfect for making a soft cookie that stays in a recognizable shape!  After ordering the sweetest little bunny cutter from Fancy Flours (one of my favorites!), i decided to try out some “best-ever” sugar cookie recipes in search of one that would be just right for some Easter treats!  And guess what?  I found one that’s delicious, simple, and stays in the same shape as the cutter!  Today I want to share the links for an adorable cookie cutter and the perfect recipe to go with it!

baking some bunnies…