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Pineapples on the Patio

June 26

I was completely thrilled when I was asked earlier this spring if I would contribute a party idea for the summer issue of Everyday Party Magazine!  Summer parties give us many opportunities to use fun decor…sea shells or beaches, pool time & flip flops, nautical designs, drive in movies…the list goes on!  But another favorite of mine is a little tropical fruit we know and love…the pineapple!  Not only does it evoke thoughts of the tropics but the color of the fruit itself reminds me of sunshine, so it’s a perfect summertime theme!  It has been so busy around here that even though the publication came out some time ago, I haven’t yet shared the fun here…so today I’d like to give you some sunny inspiration for a simple gathering!

have a pineapple picnic!

Sunday Sundaes

June 6

Today I’m going to share a fun treat that I made some time back, not only to dish out to my family but to prepare my first article for our local community magazine Village Life & Home!  I’m so thrilled to share crafting, entertaining, and decorating ideas every now and again in this monthly publication…so if you’re local you’ll see some of my ideas from time to time!  Now that we’ve had some warm weather over the holiday, and the publication arrived in the mail over the weekend, I decided to finally share this simple idea for summer entertaining! Summertime is definitely a season to enjoy frozen treats!  I love serving up cold snacks on a hot, steamy day…and I also know some boys who love eating them!  Several weeks ago when we had the very first glimpse of the heat to come, I decided on a Sunday afternoon to break out the ice cream and create a sundae bar on the patio.  It’s really a very simple thing to do…you can make it as elaborate or minimal as you want.  All you really need is a carton of ice cream and some of your family’s favorite toppings…and I bet if you raid the pantry you’d find plenty of goodies to pile on top without even setting foot in the grocery store!  With plenty of long, summer days ahead and the Fourth of July coming at us soon, a sundae bar would be an easy and festive treat for any celebration!  Get ready to cool off and let your family and friends have some yummy fun creating the perfect…

custom made ice cream sundae!