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Fall Fun with a Tailgate!

November 2

Tailgate parties and fall seem to go hand-in-hand!  Whether it’s to celebrate a big game or just a fun way to serve up some goodies, tailgate festivities can be some of the most memorable ways to enjoy the season!  And aside from having some tailgate fun, my family also loves to indulge on the fruits of the season…apples!  Each year we load up the car with family and sometimes friends and head to the local orchard in search of our favorite pickings to make my grandma’s apple pie!  When we get home we peel and cook those beauties into a dozen containers full of pie filling to keep in the freezer all year long!  So this year I thought what fun it would be to combine our favorites…tailgating AND apple pie!  I’m teaming up today with one of my favorite companies to bring you some fun-filled ideas to host an apple pie party…tailgate style!  fun to eat fruit will put any edible logo or message onto fruit so that you can add something special to your event or gathering!  I LOVE the darling detail the fall inspired apples brought to my party…let me share with you the fun!

tailgate, apples, pie…oh my!