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New York, New York!

August 17

I hope you enjoyed seeing the shopping excursion we had on our family getaway…and I’m continuing on this week with a common theme:  New York!  There’s so many wonderful sights and sounds in the Big Apple…I can only scratch the surface!  One thing that surprised me on our visit was how comfortable it felt to be there.  Even through all the hustle and bustle, it was still somehow comforting, as though we had lived there all along.  It was easy to keep bearings so it felt as though we totally knew where we were going…most of the time! I was also shocked at how certain areas of the city were so NOT crowded…like we could be walking in a downtown neighborhood almost anywhere!  But no matter where we were, or how many people were around, there was ALWAYS something fun to see or experience! And though much of the scenery is a familiar sight for most, actually being there and seeing it for real is something that I can’t quite totally describe!  So that said, let me show you NYC from my perspective!

“i want to be a part of it…”