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Customize It!

January 11

Have you ever wanted to create a holiday display with colors other than the traditional offerings in the stores?  I don’t know about you but I often want to mix it up a bit and coordinate holiday color to the hues in my everyday design.  I’ve also had color schemes in my home that just didn’t go well with the common colors of certain holidays…like red and green just didn’t mesh well with the canary-yellow walls of my living room!  It can be tough to seasonally decorate if your color loves just don’t fit in!  Now that my home is more on the neutral side it’s much easier to blend in traditional seasonal decor, but sometimes I just want something different!  If you can relate, or if you’ve avoided decorating for holidays because those particular shades just don’t work, I’d like to share a solution with you…make your own!  I DO understand that not everyone gets a little giddy when the the subject of DIY enters a conversation!  But let me tell you that this option today is so easy that you could have your kiddos do it for you if the thought of crafting turns your tummy!  But I hope once you see how simple it can be, you might find more inspiration for not just decorating for holidays but celebrations & occasions of all sorts!  take a peek…

make it your own!

Favorite Things

January 16

We love to showcase the wonderful things we discover along the way…from shopping trips to on-line searches, or lovely gifts from friends–“favorite things” are as fun to find as well as to share!  Today we want to highlight this lovely felt garland in time for you to order your own for Valentine’s Day!  I fell in love with this sweet chain of hearts–sold in non-typical valentine color making it adorable for any season as well as the holiday!  If you’re familiar with The Land of Nod you know they’ve got fabulous things for decorating & organizing kid’s spaces…and so much more!  See how this garland brightens up my mantle for the holiday…and check out the link above to see all the wonderful and whimsical items they offer!

hearts on a string…one of my favorite things!