The “ABCs” of Shopping!

August 15

I’ve been doing a lot of talking about our wonderful weekend trip to New York City a couple weeks ago!  It was my first visit and one I won’t soon forget!  And even though it was a whirlwind couple of days, we had so much fun packing in shopping, eating, and TONS of sight seeing!  Anyone who’s had the good fortune to spend time there knows that there’s no end to all the things you can do and see in that great city…so we need to go again, and again…and again!  When I asked one of my friends, who’s very familiar with the city, what shops we should see while we were there she told me that I absolutely HAD to visit ABC Carpet & Home….ABC Carpet & Home?? I wasn’t expecting that one.  Sounding a bit utilitarian, I have to admit initially it didn’t sound all that appealing.  But knowing she has such impeccable taste I went straight to the computer and googled…let me tell you that she was so totally right!  I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome their site is…and it goes without saying that the real deal is even better!  Let me share with you some of the best shopping I’ve ever experienced…

NYC shopping treaure…

once we entered the doorway to 7 floors of home decor splendor…i knew we were in for an experience like no other!

abc carpet & home

the most wonderful & unique displays simply draw you in…

great display

and every corner is filled with wonder…something for everyone!

party display

after plenty of walking the vivacious streets of New York, ABC Carpet & Home was not only a place for eye-candy overload, but a place to take a rest.  though the popular restaurant was closed at the time we were shopping, they still allowed guests to order from a limited menu until the doors opened again for the dinner crowd.  this was perfect for us!  we just needed a place to grab a snack and rest our feet!  and the staff was so wonderful to let the boys charge their phones behind the bar…since batteries were low from all the picture taking AND pokemon hunting!  that little white table for four was calling our name…

abc carpet & home

i just adored the place settings…and out of the 4 mismatched vintage plates, i actually had 3 identical ones at home!  might be the next way i set a table for coffee with gals!

sweet place setting

and this lovely thing hung above us…so enchanting!

great chandelier

so while the boys finished their snacks and waited for their phones to charge…i shopped some more!  a little paper for parties…

paper display

look at this darling children’s corner!  i still can’t get over how magical it looks…

colorful display



some pottery perhaps?

pottery display

i loved the endless inspiration…

table top

shockingly, we only shopped the first floor!!  i could have been there all day inspecting every detailed display…

pretty botanical display

but though the boys are pretty good sports when it comes to shopping, 7 floors might have been pushing my luck a bit!  maybe next time…on a girl’s trip!

More? how about kids in a candy store…

now i LOVE shopping for the home…and i also love to browse the apparel boutiques as much as any girl!  certainly NY has plenty of both…but i curtailed the fashion quest due to the fact that my shopping partners were of the male variety!  but some shops need no arm twisting to get them to enter…and were still on my big city hit list!  who can resist a stop at Dylan’s?

Dylan's Candy Bar

some candy overload is fun for all ages!

kids in a candy store

once again, multiple floors of splendor…this time the shelves filled with sugar varieties!  what better on the stairways than a candy floor?

candy floor

how sweet…literally!

stairway to candy heaven

endless rows of buckets filled with treats…

Dylan's Candy Bar

planning a party?

party supplies

even the candles are edible!  i LOVE these chocolate sprinkled birthday candles…what a great idea!

chocolate candles

you’d have no problem filling a candy buffet with a Dylan’s Candy Bar within reach!

colorful candy

let’s try a cupcake…or two!

another “must see” also needed no persuading…and a little construction couldn’t keep us away from Sprinkles!

sprinkles cupcakes

a sweet and refreshing treat on a muggy day…

sprinkles ice cream

but what they’re really known for is why i came…

sprinkles cupcakes

and what was in the little brown package?


a mini strawberry cream!  a bite of deliciousness…cupcake perfection!  (the recognizable trademark sprinkle dot on top looks a little familiar on this one…the Target bull’s-eye perhaps?  this cupcake REALLY WAS calling my name!)

sprinkles mini cupcake

so after being awestruck at ABC, feeling giddy at Dylan’s, and participating in some finger-licking goodness at Sprinkles…i’d say this day of shopping didn’t disappoint!  check out all the links to these fabulous places, but try to see them in person…an experience you won’t forget!

hope you enjoyed our shopping ABCs!

  1. Tammy

    August 15

    What a wonderful trip! I’d love to go to New York to check out those great places. Thanks for the info.!

    • Lori

      August 16

      It was so fun!! love to go again…soon!