Tropical Treat!

July 27

I am able to share this blog post with you today courtesy of FTD. 

Now that summer is here, its time to take advantage of the warm weather and beautiful outdoors. And what better way to do this than host an outdoor tiki party? Gather friends and family under tiki torches and sip on coconut cocktails all night long! Get creative with the decorations and have fun turning your backyard into a tropical oasis. Try hanging pineapples from macramé hangers and writing the cocktail menu on tropical leaves!

The possibilities are endless. To help you start brainstorming, FTD has compiled a guide to help you plan the best party of the summer! From tropical tablescapes to fruity cocktails it has everything you need to host the perfect modern tiki party.  Check out all the inspiration…

Tiki Party Ideas You’ll Love!

Looking for a way to spend these hot summer days and nights? How about throwing a tropical tiki party? The tiki party theme can never be overdone and it is one that is perfect for the summer time. To help you plan the perfect tiki party, FTD has put together the ultimate party guide with a mashup of all the best tiki party ideas including food, cocktail, decor and DIY bar ideas. Check out the inspiration boards they created below to help you create the ultimate tiki party!

Tiki Cocktails and Drinks

Drinks are arguably the most important part of any party so have fun decorating pina coladas and Mai Tais with unique fruits and tropical flowers. Try garnishing drinks with orchids and plumeria to create the ultimate tropical feel.

For a non-alcoholic option to serve at your party, try cracked coconuts. Not only are they festive, but they will keep you and your guests hydrated throughout the night!

tiki party drink ideas

Tiki Party Food Ideas

There is no such thing as too much pineapple so get creative by adding it to salads, fruit platters and cakes! A grilled shrimp and pineapple salad is a tasty way to start things off.

For the extra crafty, hollow out pineapples and use them as serving bowls. Make sure to always keep a platter of colorful fruits handy for guests to snack on.

tiki party food ideas

Tiki Decor and Tablescape Ideas

The most important part of any tiki party is the decorations! Create a tropical oasis by using palm fronds as placemats and stenciling leaves onto balloons.

Pineapples are an essential for any tiki party so make sure to add them throughout the party decor. Try using them as centerpieces or spray painting them gold. If you want to impress your guests hang pineapples in macramé plant holders

tiki party table decor

Tiki Bar Decor Ideas

Setting up a self serve bar is the perfect way to keep any party going, so have fun with accessories like fruits for garnish and tropical themed napkins. Drape greenery around the bar to create the ultimate island feel.

For the ambitious party hosts, hand letter the cocktail menus on tropical banana leaves. Add potted tropical plants and printed rugs to create the  perfect tropical ambiance.

tiki party bar decor


Feeling inspired yet? Have fun turning your backyard into a tropical oasis that can be enjoyed all summer long! For more ideas and tips you can find the whole guide here.

get tropical at your next celebration!

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