How to Create a Whimsical Doughnut Treat Table

August 28

Who doesn’t love a doughnut treat table?  And guess what?…you can easily whip one up for a party or even a whimsical snack like I did recently for my family!  What I love most about doughnuts is that they’re so easily available from a local bakery or even your grocery store…not to mention they’re one of the yummiest treats out there!  My boys LOVE doughnuts of all kinds and I love to surprise them with a sweet and simple treat once in a while!  So I’d like to share with you today how I was  inspired to create a fun and even silly little treat table with super simple supplies and DIY projects that ANYONE can create…

enjoy a doughnut treat table in 4 easy steps!

doughnut treats

step 1:  find your inspiration

if you know me, you also know i can’t pass up a deal on simple party supplies! little items like napkins, paper plates, and straws are all useful for entertaining and don’t often cost much or take up storage space.  so when i find products i love, i grab them up and wait for an opportunity to use them!  my inspiration for the treat table came from the adorable napkins…and i already had just the right fellow at home to compliment them!!  the handsome guy in the background was on my living room side table…but he made a whimsical prop for my dessert stand!  a reminder to always “shop” your house when you’re entertaining!

doughnut treats

step 2:  choose your decorations

once you’ve determined your theme (which can be as simple as a color)  you can gather your decorations.  this part can be as grand or as simple as you wish!  it really doesn’t take much to create a “party ready” table.  and for a treat that’s as simple as milk and doughnuts, you can embellish those goodies with easy decorations like cute paper straws and cupcake decorations.  i often re-use my party products and keep some storage boxes filled with garlands and poms that are in good shape.  but if you don’t have these things on hand you don’t have to go crazy shopping for the right party decor…you can use twisted crepe paper (which is wildly popular again) or even a few balloons!  both of these items are readily available and inexpensive!  but i happened to have some left-over party cups, straws and mini garlands that were still fine for a second time around!

DIY doughnut bar supplies

step 3:  DIY

i love party DIY projects!  you can take ordinary items and use them to create party supplies that are really cute and match your theme…without spending extra!  the other convenience of making your own decorations is that you can have instant gratification!  no waiting on shipments or running all over town looking for just the right thing!  the sticker isle is one of my best friends when it comes to quick & cute DIY projects!  you can browse endless theme ideas and for just a dollar or two you can embellish whatever you desire to match your event!   i used whale and anchor stickers to decorate some cupcake flags…

treat flag DIY

and paper straws!

DIY straw decorations

now, a sticker isn’t a permanent decoration to the paper sipper…but in a pinch it looks just as cute and you can just pop it off if it gets in the way!  for a kid celebration it’s perfectly OK!  if you have more time you could use your computer to print off some straw flags that match your party!

DIY paper straw decorations

sticker decorations

step 4:  pick your food and drink

choosing the food and beverages for a treat table can be the easiest part of all!  set out some of your family’s favorites and you’ve got a winner no matter what!  since my boys LOVE doughnuts that’s all i needed.  some cinnamon powdered cakes and assorted doughnut holes were the only goodies on this doughnut treat table.  to jazz it up a bit i just topped the regular doughnuts with some holes and crowned them with a flag!  a really easy way to make them look special!

treat flags

and to drink…what goes better with doughnuts than milk?!  and for an unexpected treat i served up the chocolate variety too!  individual bottles were easy to keep cold tucked down into a bucket of ice!

breakfast bar

a couple extra tissue tassels tied to the bucket handle with some roping add an easy, nautical touch!

doughnut treats

and a pitcher of regular milk is offered too…even though i knew the chocolate would go first!

doughnut treat table

and that’s it!  so you can turn minnows into whales with just a couple easy decorations!  re-use what you’ve got, shop your house, and have a little fun!

a doughnut treat table in simple steps!

product guide:

paper cups, garlands, tassels, napkins  Home Goods

modern cake stand  Amalfi Decor

white poms, burlap flags, anchor stickers  Hobby Lobby

white pitcher, whale stickers  Target


  1. I love all the little details here! Plus, who doesn’t love donuts?!

    • Lori

      August 28

      Thank you Holly!! I know no one in my family will pass up a doughnut!!

  2. Anna

    August 28

    What a cute table! Love the theme and thanks for the tips! It all looks great. You have inspired me that little treat tables just for your family are such a fun idea!!!

    • Lori

      August 28

      Oh thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed it and hope you share what you do!