A Whimsical Halloween Treat Table

October 16

Setting a treat table for Halloween festivities can be such a fun and easy thing to do!  I don’t know if you noticed but the store shelves are bursting with bags of candies and treats…they practically jump right into the shopping cart! (that’s my excuse anyway!)  But the fact is that most of us will have an extra bag or two in preparation for all the trick-or-treaters who will soon be on our doorsteps!  So if you’re like me, you may already have some treats laying around making it easy to set up a candy bar to treat little ghosts and ghouls!  A treat table filled with candy and snacks is always fun for a party but you can even try one out for a holiday play-date or “just-because”…my favorite kind of celebration!  I’d love to share with you a whimsical treat table that I styled for Black Twine!  This party blueprint is packed with festivity but simple supplies and inexpensive goodies make it easy to set up for a fun, Halloween surprise!  Check out the sweet and spooky joy…

“eye” spy a Halloween treat table…

i covered an Ikea tabletop with wall decals from Wallcandy to create a whimsical backdrop.  surrounding it with paper doilies & google eyes was an inexpensive way to create a giggle-worthy snack bar!

Halloween treat table

i had a lot of fun adding the silly eyes…and most are self-adhesive making it super easy!

Halloween treat table

even the cake got some eyeball fun with a batty ornament perched on top…

Halloween treat table

and surrounded with a wreath of gumballs and silk flowers with a thematic touch in the center!

Halloween treat table

even the doughnuts get some peepers!

Halloween treat table

easy treats!

plastic containers can be easily filled with candies and added to the treat table…

Halloween treat table

along with a tray or two of bakery goods for guests to indulge on!

Halloween treat table

these adorable sugar shapes from Lucks make these tiny cakes look grand!

Halloween treat table

and treat boxes can be filled with extras to take home!

treat table fun

let’s eat!

you can add to the festivity at the tables where guests will enjoy the sugar!

Halloween treat table

i used the leftover flowers from the cake to make a simple centerpiece…

Halloween party

and more wall decals really dress up this utilitarian table cover!

halloween kid table

party decor DIY

for some extra hands-on fun…try making these easy batty straws!

Halloween DIY

twist one half of a single pipe cleaner into a wing shape and then twist two together…

treat table DIY

glue a pom in the middle and if you wish, add some tiny “ears” & self-adhesive eyes!

Treat table DIY

twist onto your straws and you’ve got a fun sipper for the party!

treat table

festive balloons!

balloons are a sure way to make any party look extra festive…and a great way to stretch a budget!

Halloween treat bar

i love the addition of the oversize balloons to add unexpected whimsy!  you don’t need to go crazy with the specialty items…just one or two can really make a statement!

Halloween treat table party

and, don’t forget that sending or hand delivering a paper invitation is always appreciated…especially since we live in an electronic world!  i adore these invites created by Alice-Louis Press

Halloween invites

so if you’re thinking of serving up some candy on a Halloween treat table you can check out the party blueprint at Black Twine!  there you’ll fine a timeline, budget, and links to get what you see or something comparable…which makes throwing your party “no sweat”!

Halloween treat table

serve up some sugar to your peeps this Halloween on a…

festive holiday treat table!

  1. Susan

    October 16

    What great Halloween party ideas ! Loving all the details

    • Lori

      October 16

      Thanks so much Susan!!