Winter Whites!

December 9

There’s something so serene about decorating with white.  And using this color for the holidays is not only beautiful but still perfectly festive for Christmas and the winter months to follow!  However, no matter what color you’re using, you most likely won’t want to leave ALL your decorations up after the New Year begins…but some can easily transition to January and might keep a little cheer in the house after the tree comes down!  Even though I have lots of various shades of white in my house all year long…this Christmas I decided it would be nice to stick with the neutral color theme.  For me, using white is not just simple and calming, but at this time of year it can be somewhat enchanting!  And keeping with the theme of “simple” this year–some winter white is an easy way to make my holiday bright and joyful without all the fuss!

simply beautiful…white!

just because i use a lot of white in my decor doesn’t mean i don’t love color!  the best thing about white is that ANY color goes with it making it really easy to decorate for any season!  you’ll see several pops of holiday color here and there in my home…it is Christmastime after all!  but the main color event is still white this year!  i LOVE these lacy paper snowflakes in my window…with a tiny bit of traditional color in the pillow below!

paper snowflakes

i fully intend on leaving the snowflakes up after Christmas has passed!  the boys made enough for a snowstorm a few years ago and i think i’ll just add them to the window for some January cheer!

paper snowflakes

with your branches so…white!

i’ve always wanted to have an artificial white tree…but it’s just not Christmas to me without our traditional fresh one!  i love the smell and all the years of memories hanging from the branches!  but this year i figured it was time to add the white variety to my decor!  i found one at Michaels but it was too tall…so i only used the top and middle portion!  that’s the glory of fake!  tucked in behind my bar cart with nothing more than the pre-wired lights and a handful of ornaments…simple but still lovely!

white tree

i love the bright backdrop it makes!

white tree behind a bar cart

my buffet stayed relatively the same from Thanksgiving…with the exception of a white pom pom garland and a “merry” addition to the skull!  i bought this fellow to hang in our bedroom after we’re finished with some remodeling projects(which we haven’t even started yet!)…but not wanting to hide him away until we were ready, he found himself in our dining room during Halloween–and he’s stayed right there ever since!  i think he looks pretty jolly!

holiday buffet

just like the snowflakes, the white garland and fairy lights can hang around after Christmas too…i LOVE when decorations can stretch through more than one holiday or season!

pom garland

let it snow…one way or another!

a wonderful and EASY way to use white during the holidays…snow!  just fill a bowl and plop in a pine cone or pretty ornament and you’ve got a centerpiece!

pine cone

when i was wandering around in the craft store i came across these wood signs.  i believe they’re intended to paint but i loved them just the way they were!  i wired one to a jar filled with wine corks and it’s one way to add a little “white Christmas” to the mantle in our bedroom!


merry christmas

the mantle in our living room is also on the minimal side dressed up only with stockings, votive candles, and a few greens.  i kept the same chalk design but added the “joy” in place of the thankful message from November

…i’m making it easy on myself this year!

simple mantle

a quick way to dress up a utilitarian votive…a little twine and a bell!


this cardboard star with an LED light inside was a fun find at Ikea!  it looks like the Christmas star…needing nothing else to make it beautiful!

paper star

i’ve gotten so much mileage from the birch branch hanging in the window…and even though the star isn’t actually suspended from it, i still love the way it looks and it’s been a fun way to highlight decorations!

simple star

a small wire ornament looks sweet tucked into my succulent pots that i’m trying to winter over inside!  i also found these in the wood & wire craft isle at Michaels and just gave them a spritz of white paint and a twine ribbon where the ornament string once was…effortless peace and joy!


keep it simple, keep it bright…

and have a merry winter white!