Baby it’s Cold Outside!

January 9

The weather around here has been quite nippy lately…and it seems extraordinarily difficult to warm up when the temps are hoovering around the zero marker!  But no matter what the thermometer reads, or how strong the cold winds blow, you can always warm your bones with a piping hot cup of cocoa!  My son had a few friends stop by yesterday afternoon and it gave me the opportunity to serve up some hot chocolate for a chilly-day treat!  I had tucked away some adorable disposable cups that I’d ordered in December from my friend at Pink Poppy Party Shoppe!  (You should check out the link if you want to score some wonderful party supplies!)  This party set was so cute I was hoping to use it during the holidays but I literally ran out of time!  As it turns out, this “everyday” celebration was perfect for bringing a bunch of rambunctious boys to the table for some sweet treats and silly fun…and I got to make it look cute too!

cocoa, doughnuts, muffins…oh my!

when you’ve got cute supplies on hand, it’s so easy to whip up a treat that looks as good as it tastes!  keeping a few favorite paper products in the cupboard is an inexpensive way to make those special moments look grand even if the moment isn’t really a spectacular one!  of course, having these darling cups and sticks didn’t hurt, but it’s a reminder to stock up on those adorable items every now and again so you can use them at just such an opportunity!  a dear friend found the napkins at Home Goods and picked them up for me so i’d have all the makings for a fun set-up…

cocoa & cake

some mini powdered doughnuts skewered to the stir-sticks are just waiting to be dunked in the hot chocolatey goodness!

cocoa & doughnuts

i just used a piece of craft paper and an extra napkin to tape around the can of whipped cream!  so easy, and a fun way to match the condiments to what’s on the table!

whipped cream

a chocolate oatmeal muffin mix made a quick and not-too-sugary accompaniment to the cocoa.  a little healthier than a cupcake and they look equally as cute with a washi tape flag popped on top!


the muffin mix (another gift from a sweet friend) is also a wonderful thing to have on hand!  it makes easy work of creating a sweet and hearty snack for active kids…in quick time!!  and in the winter i store plenty of cocoa mix & marshmallows in the cupboard and a can or two of whipped topping in the fridge, the second for when the first is squirted into the mouth so many times that it’s empty!  what’s hot cocoa with friends without a squirt can of fluff??


as you can see, whipped topping doesn’t last long around here!


if you’ve got the supplies, it can be really easy to make an ordinary moment extra special…but don’t forget, as fun as it is to make it look cute, it’s the moment itself that’s the best ever!   cocoa, treats, and good friends…

cocoa & cakes

it doesn’t get much better!