Bunny Breakfast!

April 13

Each holiday I try to squeeze in a breakfast inspired by the season.  Creating a special morning treat is relatively easy since you can use so many prepared foods to make it a cinch!  I often serve up some morning fun in the days leading up to the holiday…it really extends the festivities and is less stressful than trying to pack multiple celebrations into one day!  So with the long weekend arriving tomorrow, it just might be the perfect time for you to surprise your family with an Easter breakfast or brunch!  I’d like to share how I used ordinary food from my fridge to make a morning treat fit for the Easter Bunny!

hop on up to the breakfast table!

Easter breakfast

anyone who knows me well understands how much i love turning common items into something a bit more special!  it’s really easier than you think…let simple supplies & goodies make your guests or family think you went WAY out of your way to create such joy! (it will be our little secret how simple it really was!)  leftover supplies from other celebrations helped me dress up the table…i’m all about getting as much mileage from my party decorations as possible!  the cute cupcake toppers and garland which came as a kit had plenty of paper shapes for celebrations to come!  i love how they look on the short stacks of mini pancakes…found in the freezer section!

bunny short stacks

i used a knife to pierce the pancakes so that the paper pick on the bunnies will slip down without bending.  the washi tape toothpicks make a cute accompaniment OR an easy DIY substitute!

bunny short stacks

another favorite in our house is yogurt parfaits!  serving it up in pretty dishes makes it holiday-ready and using waffle cone bowls makes it an extra special treat!

yogurt parfaits

granola & bunny cookies in baking cups make a perfect crunchy mix for the parfaits!

bunny granola

my youngest is a HUGE hard boiled egg fan!  in fact, we all like them so it seemed like a good and healthy choice for the mini buffet.  i gave the cooked eggs a quick roll in some water with food color to give them a pastel look without any flavor.  make sure your water is saturated with color so you don’t have to soak the egg for longer than a minute!  i think they turned out so pretty and make a nice & colorful alternative to pickled eggs!

pastel hard boiled eggs

on the cake stand are some purchased shortbread cookies that you might recognize from yesterday’s post!  i used them in my Easter favors…and the leftovers are a perfect sweet for the breakfast table! (and pretty tasty with a cup of Joe!)  i used the edible Easter grass one final time under the cute cookies!  a really easy way to make any treat look perfect for Easter!

shortbread cookies

a serve-yourself breakfast that really couldn’t be easier…but makes a festive, Easter weekend treat!

bunny breakfast

see what’s in your pantry…you might already have all that you need!

bunny breakfast

i hope you found some inspiration for your holiday!

have a bunny breakfast this Easter!

i’ll be back one more time tomorrow for a final Easter DIY Day!  i’ll be sharing a couple last minute, EASY table setting treats that you can whip up in no time!  see you then!