Christmas Countdown…

November 21

Well, Thanksgiving is only a couple days away…and since it’s early this year, it does give some hope for those of us who are feeling like there’s just not enough time to get all the Christmas shopping started or the decorations hung!  I love it when we have those extra few days after the feast is over rather than the years when December 1 seems to be the day after Thanksgiving!  And since we have those extra days in our back pocket, we also still have time to put together a Christmas advent calendar…something that’s been a tradition in our home since the boys were little!  It’s such a fun way to count down the days to Christmas by unwrapping a little trinket each morning!  And even though my boys are getting older, I don’t think that’s any reason to stop the festivities…who says the fun has to end when you grow up?  So let me share how I’m preparing our advent this year, and I hope you can find some inspiration for yours…there’s still plenty of time!

get ready to count the days…

creating an advent can really be a simple thing to do…you can purchase one almost anywhere, but making your own can be so fun and save you a lot of dough, which is a good thing during the holidays!  and if you make it yourself, you can also customize it to fit your decor.   i’ve often used paper treat bags to hold the tiny gifts…you can stack them in a pretty container or clip them on a length of twine to hang over a door or mantle!  this year i’m mixing it up a bit…but still using little clips to hang the goodies AND number the days ’til Christmas!  check out these cute supplies…

holiday crafting

i found these wood craft pieces and mini clips from Michael’s and the countdown stickers from the dollar spot at Target.  with a little hot glue, it was easy to make my countdown numbers!

advent crafting

each clip can hang on this cute, knit garland to number the days of December!

advent calendar

i fell in love with these adorable garlands from Michael’s!  the tiny stockings are pretty small to hold much inside, but a pack of gum, candy, a gold coin…all would fit perfectly!  and i can always clip on a gift sack to hold the goodies that are too big!  i REALLY try hard to keep the little gifts, well, little!  i never wanted the kids to have big expectations…after all, Christmas morning is at the end!  it was really easy to find trinkets when they were tiny…a sticker or a bouncy ball would be totally exciting!  as they grew, it did become a bit more challenging!  but fortunately there’s lots of edible choices out there like chocolates, jerky, and fruit snacks!  i also like to choose some useful items like toothbrushes, chapstick, bookmarks, etc.!  and every now and again, i add a note that will lead the boys to a hidden gift in the house which will surprise them with a game, books, or PJs!  but for the most part, it’s those little things that i hope they’ve learned to appreciate equally as much…or almost anyway!

advent calendar

so now hanging on the mantle is the countdown to Christmas morning!

advent calendar

and for us, the last gift on the advent is opened Christmas Eve. morning…this one might be a little more special!

advent calendar

so there’s plenty of time to get started on your advent!  i’d love to hear how you create yours!

let the countdown begin!

i’ll be taking the rest of the week off to prepare for the holiday and spend time with my family!  i’ll be back next Monday with plenty of Christmas cheer to share!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



  1. Anonymous

    November 21

    This is a brilliant idea! I love how you incorporated the advent calendar as part of your Christmas decor. It looks so classy and classic. Love it!

    • Lori

      November 28

      Thank you so much! It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions!