Let’s Flamingle!

July 10

So now that summer is in full swing there’s a tradition I love to do as often as I can…host an outdoor movie night!  Several years ago we invested in an outdoor projector and let me tell you that it’s one of the best purchases we’ve ever made!  Often times throughout the summer we’ll hook that thing up and camp outside with some popcorn, snacks, and my hubby and I might partake in an adult beverage or two!  It’s really a fun, family activity that’s still appealing to the boys…even though the quality of the projector can’t come close to what the digital TVs are like today!  But for me, that’s part of the nostalgic appeal, it reminds me of the drive-in theater days…back when that quality wasn’t comparable to today’s either!  So when I decided to host some girlfriends for one of our semi-regular movie-night gatherings I knew we needed to do it outside!  And with the collaborative help from a talented designer friend of mine, we chose a popular summertime theme and ran with it!  A “flamingle” outdoor movie party is such a fun and whimsical way to celebrate summer…whether it’s a grown-up girl’s night out or a teen or tween party, a flamingo-inspired celebration is the perfect way to create a festive event for a flock of your friends!  Let me share some pink party inspiration…

flocktails and friendship!


there’s not much, where gatherings are concerned, that can touch an evening filled with good gal-pals, sweets & treats, pink decorations, and Doris Day & Rock Hudson!  am i right?  and for me, the opportunity to have a little fun with pink is always a treat!  so my friend Meghan from Elva M. Design Studio really helped me out with the most darling invitations and prints for the evening with some bold black stripes and pink flamingos!  and that set the tone for the entire event…

flamingo party

a bar cart is such a fun piece to decorate for a party!  and let’s face it, you can’t have an event without beverages of some sort!


straw flags are a really simple way to jazz up your sippers and one of my favorite details…

bar cart

you can use a little washi tape to attach some straws right to your bottles…

straw flags

and wine labels are always a win!  you can download them and print right from your computer…

wine labels

i used my jewelry dish as a container for the wine corks…a fun way to re-purpose a household item that matches the theme!

flamingo tray

and this pink guy was intended for hanging, but i just removed the string and popped him into my flowerpot…another fun splash of color by the bar cart!

flamingo party

on the patio i served some sweet treats and fixings for s’mores…with pink mallows of course!  i used some ribbon to create matching stripes on my runner…easy!

treat table


some waffle and fudge-stripe cookies are a sweet alternative to graham crackers…

s'mores cookies

and i just used some white rice to keep the roasting sticks in place on the buffet!

s'mores table

for some more easy sugar, i simply layered some purchased brownies with pink, cinnamon icing and topped them with mini honeycomb flamingos which are actually embellishments i removed from some straws!

mini brownies

flamingo toppers

i also had some fun with the centerpiece on the patio table…

patio party

a trio of tins hold some drink floaties filled with flowers…a whimsical way to use pool products when you don’t have a pool!

floating centerpiece

floating centerpiece

it’s always a nice idea to have extra water when you’re entertaining especially in the summer heat!  a drink dispenser is an economical way to have thirst-quenching water near the treat tables…

beverage table

some berries add some color and flavor to my H2O dispenser which won’t stay shut anymore so i just throw a food net over it so pesky flying bugs can’t have a sip!  and simple strands of ribbon on the ice bucket and the cake top (removed from its base) help add thematic color easily and inexpensively!

water table

i also used the leftover pink flowers from the floating centerpieces in my floral chandelier.  a fun alternative would be to hang a grapevine wreath like a halo above your table and embellish it with fresh or artificial flowers!

floral chandelier


some extra bar utensils found a home by my DIY decoupaged votive holder filled with fairy lights.  i LOVE the flamingo swizzle sticks and they were the inspiration for the varying shades of pinks in my decorations!

swizzel sticks

one more treat table completed the movie-time snacks…popcorn, sweet munchies, and theater candy!

snack table

kettle corn

party food

i dipped waffle cones in chocolate and pink sprinkles to make some yummy, edible containers for the muddy buddy mix!

waffle cone containers

popcorn boxes

candy cups

movie munchies

and now for the movie…

a letterboard is a fun way to display what’s playing!  i used wrapping paper to cover the inside of the garage window in bold pink & black stripes!

letter board

tubs filled with floor cushions (leftover from my son’s Moroccan graduation dinner) are ready for comfy movie watching…

outdoor movie night

and i gave my old movie reels a quick spritz of paint to match the color theme!

movie night

a large, canvas drop cloth from the hardware store is a great way to create an “area rug” without breaking the bank!

movie night

outdoor movie night

i filled the bottom of the cast iron fire pit with charcoal for marshmallow roasting.  this was a great way to eliminate smoke & ash from a fire or have too much added heat near the viewing area!

movie night

and when the sun finally began to set, it was time to grab a snack or two (or three) and find a seat!

movie night

show time!

outdoor movie night

an outdoor movie night will make a memorable evening for sure!

now playing…summer fun!

product guide:

invitations and printables   Elva M. Design Studio

movie projector   Kohls

letter boardcandy dish,  drink floaties  Target

flamingo decor, popcorn boxes  Party City

flamingo jewelry dish  Kirklands

Pink Sprinkles and baking supplies  The Bakers Party Shop

decorative trays, cake stands  Amalfi Decor

  1. Anonymous

    July 10

    Dear Lori, what a great party! Loved the pink with black and white! You are so talented! So many ideas! Next week we are in the country, so let’s get together soon! Xoxo

    • Lori

      July 10

      Thank you so much!! It was really fun to decorate in pink for a change!! xoxo

  2. This is such a fabulous setup! Love the flamingos and the idea of an outdoor movie night! You and Meghan are so talented! I spied some Cocobon wine — one of my absolute favs!

    • Lori

      July 10

      Thank you so much Holly! It was truly a fun time working with Meghan!! Such a talented girl! Isn’t Cocobon the best!?? Our favorite too! xoxo

  3. Tinseldot

    July 10

    Everything was absolutely darling!!💕 Every detail was executed with such perfection!!!! Wow.. BRAVO!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Cat & Jules

    • Lori

      July 10

      Thank you so much darlings!! You guys are so sweet! It was a really fun collab and I really appreciate your kindness!! xoxo

  4. Lori, this is incredible! I love how everything came together. Your tray was the basis for my designs and it all looks so pulled together with your other decor elements. Thanks for letting me join along in the fun!

    • Lori

      July 10

      I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working with you! It’s like you could read my mind! 🙂 So thankful for this collab!! You really outdid yourself and are so amazingly talented!! xoxo

  5. Bird

    July 16

    Another grogeous party and SO many incredible details!! So inspiring!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to our Sunday LINK PARTY at Bird’s Party Blog!!

    Your gorgeous post is being featured this Sunday!! Don’t forget to stop by and link up some more!

  6. Lori

    July 16

    Yay! Thanks so much! It’s such a fun way to see so much inspiration in the Linky Party!! I love it! Thanks again for the feature my friend!! xoxo