Michigan Road Trip!

July 11

I hope everyone had a festive and joyful Fourth of July holiday!  To me, once the 4th arrives it feels as if summer has undeniably taken hold and I’m almost in full summer swing!  And if there’s one thing I love most about summer vacation it’s being able to take some spur-of-the-moment road trips…which is exactly what my family did last week!  We decided to sneak in a mini vacation that coordinated with some meetings my hubby had in Michigan.  So we packed up the car and headed up north for a few days of relaxing, visiting family, strolling the beach, and stopping in some wonderful shops for a little treasure hunting!  Today I’m sharing the wonderful sights of the windswept beaches of Lake Michigan…the water so blue with the sun’s rays dancing across the waves it was almost like watching the twinkle of fireworks once again!  If you get a chance to explore any of the wonderful beaches of Michigan…I would definitely do it!  There’s plenty to choose from, each with it’s own personality but all with the same beauty!  Have a peek at Ludington…

feel some sand between the toes!

sandy beaches

i love all the lighthouses in michigan…there’s something so intriguing about them!


a long stroll to check it out up close…


and you can’t beat the view along the way!  the water was so crystal clear…

beach view

just stunning!


and just a bit further north, a more natural and rugged sandscape…

Lake Michigan

a beach pathway to the water…

beach path

and just over the edge, a wonderful discovery…perched on the narrow strip of beach stood a driftwood “castle”!  i just LOVE this thing!  it brought back so many memories of the boys making similar structures while playing on the beaches of Florida!

driftwood castle

and when in Michigan do as the Michiganders do…eat cherries!

Michigan cherries

believe me, there’s plenty of roadside stands along the way selling these delicious beauties!  i forgot to mention to the boys that the pits stain the hands and anything else they touched…but who cares?  they were worth it!

Michigan cherries

what better to compliment the cherries AND cool off from all the beach exploring?  ICE CREAM!  a quick trip to the adorable & always tasty, Ludington House of Flavors!  now which one to choose…

ice cream shop

i loved this display hanging over the booths…too cute!

ice cream shop

and just off the beach another fun find…this adorable shop filled with vintage and handmade treasures!

beach shop

this is my souvenir…a Michigan pillow crafted from a vintage men’s shirt!  a reminder of our trip AND my childhood since i grew up in the state!  i just love it in my sun room…

Michigan pillow

oh, and i found our new dream beach home!  the streets of Ludington are lined with gorgeous houses, all different and all charming!  this was one of our favorites…

beach house

so if you’re up for some sight seeing, beach exploring, or cherry eating…head to Ludington or any of Michigan’s beautiful beaches!  those who go, always go back…or wish to visit again one day!  i’m just thrilled we could squeeze in an extra…

Lake Michigan road trip!