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Thinking Ahead to Easter Fun

March 13

I know St. Patrick’s Day hasn’t quite passed yet but it’s never too early to be thinking about all the festive springtime occasions that are headed our way!  And usually the Easter goodies are in the stores as soon as the lucky Leprechaun items hit the shelves which can make it easy to stock up early for those holiday celebrations to come!  You know by now that I can’t pass by the dollar spot shelves without spying an item or two that inspire me!  Such was the case when I found several bright and happy goodies that I plan to use for several family celebrations and throughout my home to create some springtime displays!  Today I’d like to share some easy projects you could use for a party or just to brighten your spaces for the upcoming season!  It can be really easy to pull together some Easter fun pretty effortlessly and I love to share DIY ideas that can double duty as fun kid projects too…so get ready to countdown the days to Easter with some fun and simple crafts!

springtime in the carrot patch!

“Egg-celent” Decoupage!

February 29

Easter comes early this year…and even though I hate to jump ahead of holidays that haven’t even arrived yet, Easter follows so closely behind St. Patrick’s Day that we barely have time to make the switch!  So while we await the arrival of the Leprechauns, I decided to go ahead and start my spring crafting!  I don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Easter activities is decorating eggs!  It’s such a fun holiday tradition and there are so many wonderful color kits out there to dye, glitter, stamp, glue, or paint those eggs into Easter glory!  At our house we love to hard-boil a bunch of eggs, dunk ’em in all those pretty pastel dyes…and then we eat them!  But because it’s hard to keep real eggs fresh for a month or so, I also like to decorate the fake variety too!  This way I can enjoy them throughout the Easter season and recycle them for seasons to come!  The inspiration for my artificial eggs came when I discovered a pretty pack of tissues in the checkout isle…not for wrapping but for blowing!  They were way too cute to use on noses…so I decided to decoupage with them!  And as it turned out, the tissue was so effective to work with since it easily wrapped around the soft curves of the plastic eggs!  So I spent a rainy afternoon cutting out designs and crafting up some springtime joy!

a rainy day DIY…