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End of The Rainbow!

March 16

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and whether you’re Irish or not, it’s the perfect holiday for getting a little festive!  We have a tradition of boiling up a big pot of corned beef and cabbage for dinner and then indulging on our favorite recipe of Irish soda bread!  But on top of that dinnertime fun, I love to have special holiday treats prepared for my family and friends when they stop by.  And even though the Leprechauns will be arriving in one day…I have the perfect snack that will satisfy anyone who might be paying you a holiday visit.  It’s such an easy treat to create and looks practically professional…but guess what?…it’s not!  You still have time to whip this one up and be ready for some St. Paddy’s Day fun!  Let me share what’s at the end of the rainbow…

lucky coin cupcakes!

End of the Rainbow!

March 16

When it comes to holidays and kids (maybe adults too!), something sweet is ALWAYS a welcome treat!  And since St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow I’d like to share with you a couple ideas on how to decorate a cupcake that’s perfect for those lucky Leprechauns!  When kids are popping in after school it’s always nice to have some easy treats on hand…and holidays are just the perfect occasion to create something a little special!  So my beverage cart became a St. Paddy’s Day dessert station piled high with mini cakes–the sweet treat at the end of the rainbow!  Let me show you how easy it is to whip up these whimsical cakes for your holiday celebrations!

Irish fun in the kitchen…

At the End of the Rainbow

February 28

Gold coins at the end of the rainbow can be seriously overrated…especially if you’re the type that loves to indulge in tiny cakes!  So have the best of both worlds…little cakes in gold foil…a fitting St. Patrick’s Day treat that won’t break the bank!  We love to celebrate all seasons with cupcakes…big or small!  They’re so easy, everybody loves them and there’s countless ways to dress them up to fit any occasion!  Take a peek at these tiny cakes…a yummy treat at the end of the rainbow!

lucky day…