Setting a Tutti-Frutti Party Table

August 15

Who doesn’t love some fruity fun? I don’t know about you, but when I hear the words “tutti-frutti”  I can’t help but think “happy!”  The colors are so cheerful and bright not to mention the flavors of fruity goodness that give you endless possibilities for party time treats!  With simple snacks and supplies you can do it up big or keep it simple…and either option will make your guests smile!  Shortly after school was dismissed for the summer you might remember that my family took a trip to Disney…and that happy place is such a fabulous source of celebration inspiration!  While browsing one of my favorite gift shops in Japan at the World Showcase in Epcot, I found some goodies that sparked the idea for a tutti frutti snack for my family!  See how simple it can be to create a sweet setup…

tutti-frutti~fresh squeezed fun!

tutti frutti party

once home from our trip to Disney i could hardly wait to use these colorful candies…

tutti frutti candy

and how fun are these teeney tiny cups of something similar to jello!?

tutti frutti snacks

so i temporarily packed away these goodies until the right opportunity came along!  and thanks to one of my most favorite places, the Target dollar spot, the perfect little party supplies were waiting for me one day!  i love these snack cups that were perfect for holding the miniature jello cups!

tutti frutti snacks

tutti frutti party

and since it’s a fruity theme, adding some of the real deal sounded like a good idea!  it was easy to dress up the cutie tangelos by simply dropping them inside these cheerful yellow baking cups…

tutti frutti snacks

filling little containers with the hard candies was a really easy way to add more pops of color to the table AND some more sugar!

tutti frutti party food

tutti frutti party

the sunny paper cups in the background were another jackpot from Target!  i mean, how perfect for a tutti-frutti party or any lemonade stand!

tutti frutti party

so lemonade became the drink of the party inside this cute galvanized dispenser!

tin lemonade dispenser

i loved this tutti-frutti banner and merely taped it to the wall and chalkboard with some bright, washi tape!  i rely on washi tape for all kinds of party decorations…it’s cute enough to let it show when hanging paper garlands or poms so it makes quick and easy work of decorating!

tutti frutti treat table

and with a slow hand, i tried some lettering skills on a chalkboard…i’ve been practicing (a little!)  seriously, i really have horrible everyday handwriting…so this is pretty good for me!

tutti frutti party decor

and for the main sweet treat…colorful, pink lemonade cupcakes topped with some candy fruit!

tutti fruti cupcakes

my kids don’t always love a ton of icing so i decided to rim the edges of the cakes with bright sprinkles and add a smaller dollop of icing in the middle!  i love the way they turned out!

tutti frutti cupcakes

colorful treats all grouped together make this table shine!  even just a few tutti-frutti goodies look spectacular perched up on pretty cake stands!

tutti frutti snacks

so if you’re looking for one of the most cheerful themes for summer, and it IS still summer, go ahead and serve up some fun…

tutti frutti lemonade cups

cheers to a fresh squeezed, tutti-frutti celebration!

product guide:

ribbon cake stands, decorative tray  Amalfi Decor

pink sprinklefetti sprinkles  The Bakers Party Shop

wood cake stand   Giggle Home Furnishings

paper cups and treat cups  Target in stores

paper baking cups  Simply Baked

galvanized drink dispenser  Walmart clearance

  1. Laura

    August 16

    This is so cute!! Love the candies from Disney too!

    • Lori

      August 16

      Thank you so much! That shop in Japan Epcot has the cutest candy!!!