Celebrate with a Snack Table

April 10

Easter is just around the corner so this week I’m going to focus on some fun and festive projects that have plenty of easy DIYs that may help you with all your holiday celebrations!  If you’ve got an egg hunt planned or just want to create a special snack table for hungry kiddos, there’s some really easy steps you can take to make simple goodies look grand!  Check out this snack table celebration that was as easy to create as it was enjoyed!

bring on the bunny goodness!

snack tables are a favorite of mine…not just because of the goodies to nibble on but i love to make them look special, especially during holidays!  and since Easter celebrations are in full swing, i thought a table filled with some fun bunny inspired snacks & decorations seemed appropriate.

Easter snack table

i took some plastic berry baskets and filled them with a square of artificial grass, which you can find at most craft stores.  i used paper shred in the bottom so that it would lift the grass to the top…

baskets with grass

berry baskets

this made a great container to hold the darling and fun emoji bunny suckers!  having the shred in the bottom allowed the sucker to be pushed down through.  they look so fun peeking out of the grass!

Bunny Emoju suckers

the chalkboard bunny clips are so cute and perfect for labeling…

bunny tail clips

but just because you can write on them doesn’t mean you have to!  i think they make a sweet and simple addition to the berry baskets just the way they are!


a strip of pastel paper is an easy way to cover the labels on the water bottles, and can allow you to color coordinate the beverages!  a little tape on the back and you’ve got a sip-perfect party drink!

bottled water

in my house, potato chips are a snack time favorite!  i love the mini cans of Pringles to use as individual servings…they keep the table tidy and like the water bottles, they’re easy to decorate!

Easter Pringles

i found this adorable paper at the craft store and just cut it to fit the container…(if you don’t have a paper cutter, scissors work just fine!)


remove the plastic lid, wrap it around the can, and tape!


how cute!

decorated Pringles can

i decided to add one more bit of fun!  i had these cute cupcake toppers and honestly ran out of time to use them on cakes…

DIY can toppers

with a little more tape to hold the topper to the backside of the can…

DIY can topper

i’ve got bunny-topped cans of chips instead!

holiday snack table

behind all the munchies, i hung a garland of bunnies over the top of the paper fans.  (the cupcake toppers were included in this paper garland kit)  i think they make a fun addition and what i like most about kits is the fact you can string up just as many or as few as you need!  you actually could make a fun DIY out of this garland idea…paper shapes, poms, & string…might be on the agenda for next Easter!

bunny banner

and keeping with the bunny theme…these DIY snack cake bunnies are so fun and easy!  a little icing holds the marshmallow tail and the sprinkle nose onto the pink snowball cake.  the ears were simply cut into shape with kitchen shears from an oversized, Peep confetti egg!

snack cake bunnies

i used a toothpick to attach the ears–so make sure if you try these snacks to let your guests know (especially the little ones) or remove them right before they indulge!

Easter snacks

some paper shred and leftover poms from the paper garland kit are easy to scatter about…i think it makes the table look so festive!  you could also use jelly beans or other holiday candy to add a “confetti” look to your party table!  i printed a super simple sign from my computer and just tucked it into my display…another really easy addition if this is a last minute celebration!

Easter snack table

creating something bright and colorful will definitely bring additional smiles this holiday!   a festive display doesn’t have to be difficult…when you group goodies together it’s amazing how fun it becomes!  stay tuned this week for more quick and simple holiday ideas…so you have time to enjoy the blessings of the season!

have a hippity hoppity Easter week!

i’ll see you again on wednesday this week as i’m switching it up a bit to participate in some more holiday fun!

product guide:

paper fans, bunny garland/cupcake topper kit:  Home Goods

emoji bunny suckers:  Oriental Trading Company

chalkboard bunny clips and decorative paper:  JoAnn Stores