Cereal Topper

March 9

Today I want to share a really fun and easy  DIY cupcake topper.  You could make one for any special occasion…or just because it’s adorable!  It would make a fun kid-project too so you could keep the kiddos busy in the kitchen creating some edible fun!  All you need are some simple crafting supplies and cereal…so keeping it short this Thursday, let’s have a

“cereal-sly” good time!

to make this sweet and edible cake topper all you need are pipe cleaners, round cereal like cheerios, and straws…anything else can be extra embellishment!  you can bend your pipe cleaner in any simple shape but after several attempts i found that a basic heart was the easiest and most recognizable!  keeping about 2 inches of your pipe cleaner straight, gently bend the rest into a soft circle and begin threading your cereal on to the pipe cleaner.  wait until you have the “circle” threaded completely before making the indentation of the heart.  you may need to remove a couple cereal pieces to give some bending room.


leave a small section at the opposite end of the pipe cleaner…


and then twist it onto the straight portion.  once it’s secure you can tweak the shape and adjust the cereal pieces to your liking!


i covered the exposed end with a section of a straw so that the fuzz won’t get into the treat!  i chose some gold (shown) and green, stripey straws since it’s close to St. Patrick’s Day!  trim them so they fit over the pipe cleaner…


i also tied on a piece of rickrack to add more green…i think they look pretty festive!  (the ribbon also gives me an area to attach a simple message which you’ll see shortly!)


of course if you’re making these for St. Paddy’s Day a fun cereal choice would also be fruit loops to mimic a rainbow…but my guys are honey nut cheerios fans so that’s what i used!  once you have them made, the only thing left is to pop them into the treat of your choice!  i decided to serve muffins…

DIY cake top

a fun way to have a festive, easy, and special St. Paddy’s Day breakfast!

DIY cereal topper

Happy DIY-ing!

  1. Lisa

    March 21

    This is “cereal-sly” a really cute idea! This would be perfect for a toddler’s birthday party. I love it!

    • Lori

      March 21

      Oh Thank you Lisa! It was fun and i think most kiddos could even make them!