Cinco De Mayo Snack Cart!

April 27

Cinco De Mayo is just over a week away!  It’s such a fun and festive holiday to celebrate with friends or family…and it never needs to be overwhelming!  The best part about a fiesta is that anything goes, the food can be so simple and yet so tasty, and you REALLY can find whimsical ways to pull off a party-time snack table on a dime!  Let me share with you some ways I recycled my Cinco De Mayo supplies from our family fiesta to create a snack cart for hungry kids…or anyone who wants to have a little May 5 fun!  I’m also including more super simple DIY projects…so come on, let’s get ready to fiesta!

easy, affordable, fiesta fun!

fiesta cart

i’ve mentioned in the past that i’m a sucker for paper doilies!  they’re so pretty and VERY economical!  i used a variety pack from the dollar store to string up a garland for behind my cart.  all i did was thread a section of twine through the lacy perforations…no cutting or hole-punching required!  some washi tape holds the garland to the wall without worry of damaging the paint!

fiesta snacks

i also used the pretty papers to line the snack cups filled with chips!

fiesta snacks

peat pots from the garden center make a really inexpensive and even recyclable container for munchies!  you just may want to use a liner…like the doilies, a napkin, or piece of parchement!

snack cart fiesta

another inexpensive container i used were the glass votive holders to serve up the dip!  you may even have some around your home already, but they can be found at dollar and craft stores for very little cash!  and bonus, you can reuse them again for candlelight at other occasions!  on the snack cart they’re filled with salsa and con queso…

fiesta snacks

and i used mini sombreros from the party store to top my sips!  a really festive way to serve up any drink in a can or bottle!

fiesta fun

some party-table diy projects…

you can really personalize your party food with some easy diy crafts using simple materials…


these cardboard shapes and mini paper plates can be transformed into fun toppers and stands for a dessert!  some hot glue and toothpicks are the only supplies you need…


to make this cute and unique assortment of toppers!

DIY cupcake toppers

i took small baking cups and glued them to the bottom of the appetizer plates to create cupcake stands!  such an easy AND economical way to create a treat stand…that’s also disposable!


DIY cupcake stands

cruller doughnuts layered with a mini macaroon & topped with the diy pick look extra grand perched on those paper stands…

fiesta snacks

on the bottom of the cart i added a pop of color with some tissue paper flowers.  they take up a lot of room so just a couple is all you need!

fiesta decorations

and a jar filled with straws and some extra napkins (a must for serving kids…in my opinion) are displayed with the fun cactus from my dining room.  i love reusing all my decorations!

fiesta cart

you might be wondering what the foil pie pans are for…

paper flowers

well, they make a wonderful and economical tray for holding all those goodies!

fiesta snack tray

a tray with sides can keep those individual containers from sliding off!  you can by three-packs for a buck at the dollar store so you have to admit that that’s a bargain, plus i think they’re kind of cute!

fiesta cart

so when it comes to planning a fiesta…don’t sweat it!  simple chips & dips and purchased desserts can still look wonderful!  colorful and festive NEVER has to be expensive…shop smart, recycle, and just have fun!  one or two holiday touches will make your guest feel special!


ole!  it’s time to fiesta!

tonight at 8:30 pm EST i’m sharing Instagram inspiration with some of my friends, fellow party planners, and DIY-ers to bring you more Cinco De Mayo festivities!  pop over to my IG account and you can easily loop through all our posts and links to the blogs!  you will see so many ideas…you might just have to plan multiple celebrations!  you won’t want to miss out on the fun, so check back tonight on Instagram to see what my friends are sharing!

product guide:

mini sombreros  Party City

cardboard die cut shapes, paper straws, similar paper flowers  Target

glass flowerpot votives, white cactus  Michaels

paper doilies, tin pie pans  Dollar Tree

peat pots, mini cactus  Home Depot

  1. PDBJay

    April 28

    I love everything about this setup. The LaCroix with sombreros and the cactus food picks are my favorites.

    • Lori

      April 28

      Thanks so much Elise! This was such a fun Hop!! xoxo

  2. Alyssa

    April 28

    Its all so creative, I love it! Great finds.. 🙂

    • Lori

      April 30

      Thank you so much Alyssa! xoxo