Easy Ideas for a Halloween Tabletop!

September 28

Table top decor is so much fun for any season…but one thing I love about Halloween is that you have the freedom to get a little whimsical without raising eyebrows!  Whether you go all-out spooky or just want to add some festive color to your table, you can find plenty of ways to dress a tabletop that’s perfect for your dinner party!  Today I’d like to share with you a fun centerpiece idea made from recycled decorations!  You know how much I love to recycle…and it can sure stretch your budget!  And to go with that centerpiece, I’m setting a simple and whimsical Halloween table to serve up some holiday sugar…so join me and my 8 legged friends for a little dessert!  Along came a spider to say…

it’s time for Halloween treats!

Halloween tabletop

the inspiration for a party theme can come from the simplest thing…these adorable, spiderweb place mats are what got the ball rolling for my table decor!

Halloween place mat

tiny details…

you don’t have to go crazy when decorating around a party theme…just a touch or two can get the point across!  i simply attached some fuzzy spider clips to the napkin bags sitting along side the dessert plates…

Halloween tabletop

and since it was a dessert “party” an extra sweet bite was placed at each setting!

Halloween treats

i LOVE the decorative sugars from Lucks…they can make any treat look divine!  i just used a Halloween Oreo in the bottom of a cupcake liner, topped with a brownie bite with a dollop of icing to hold the “eek!” in place!  this little sweet was not the main event of the evening but a fun and whimsical way to set the holiday table with some extra sugar!

Halloween treats

recycled centerpiece!

i mentioned that i recycled my centerpiece…well you might have guessed already but i used paper fans as a table runner!  these beauties were on my mantle last year but now grace the tabletop!

centerpiece ideas

laying them flat is a wonderful way to use them in an unexpected way…and you don’t have to dodge tall centerpieces to see your guests around the table!

Halloween tabletop

i topped them off with some tiny pumpkins and a strand of spider lights-that gradually change colors…a fun way to make the table come alive!

table top ideas

think outside the box…

since i was reusing my fans as a runner, i decided that mini paper fans would make perfect “doilies” under my milk bottles!

Halloween tabletop

these are actually from a paper fan garland…but who says you have to use it that way?  and when my little party is over, i can string it up and hang it somewhere if i wish!  double duty!

Halloween tabletop

another way to stretch your decoration dollar…pop a piece of kid art on top of a pretty pedestal!  my son made this guy several years ago and he’s still one of my favorite decorations!  children’s artwork is always a whimsical winner for any time of year…and the most cherished decor of all!

Halloween decorations

and a couple 8 legged critters scattered about the table are the simple icing on the cake!

Halloween tabletop

Halloween tabletop decorations

so don’t get rid of old decorations…see if you can find a new life for them!  add them to your favorite things and you’ll be guaranteed a tabletop win!

Halloween tabletop

have some fun with your Halloween table!

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Lucks:  sugar decorations

Target:  spider lights, mini paper fan garland, mini pumpkins

Michaels: spiderweb place mats, paper treat bags

Amalfi Decor:  cake stand