Fridge Frenzy!

September 7

I’ve been on an organizing kick…I’ve mentioned it on Instagram a time or two!  But I’ve been taking it slow…trying to tackle small spaces at a time in hopes to get it as right as possible, stay within a budget, and not destroy my mental health trying to get it ALL done at once!  And you know what?  By keeping each project rather small, it has been amazingly satisfying!  It allows me to actually complete the task at hand and not get overwhelmed.  Needles to say, there’s many, many more small areas to organize but for me, this is definitely the way to do it!  So not long ago I shared a photograph on Instagram of a spectacularly organized refrigerator…and I happen to own the very same model.  Mine, however, looked nothing like the one in the photograph…but not for long!  I love getting such great organizing inspiration…and if this time it keeps me from having to totally dig through my fridge only to find something that’s sprouted roots and is ready to walk away…I’m game!  So my fridge may not be organized EXACTLY like the one I saw…but it IS a whole heck of a lot better!  Let me share some of the fun finds that I used to free up my fridge from its normal frenzy!

organizing makes room for much more…

i was so excited to tidy up my fridge after seeing some amazing organizational inspiration from i heart organizing, that ran straight to my favorite go-to place for finding a good deal: Home Goods!  you can be sure to find great organizing items there and at fabulous prices!  it was really helpful before shopping to take an inventory of what i keep in my fridge on a regular basis, how big the containers are, and what items i stored in the doors & drawers.  then using the inspiration photo on my phone as reference, I searched the storage container isle and picked out a few items that might work for my family!  and when i got home i pulled everything from the shelves, wiped them all down, and started organizing!

fridge organization

now, my shelves may not look as beautiful (especially without filters!) as the photo in the header of my post, courtesy of i heart organizing (and the inspiration for this project)…but i still love it!  i only purchased a couple of organizing tools but they help me to see what i’ve got and make everything so much more accessible!  even my boys commented on how much they liked it…so it must be pretty good!

fridge storage

this multi-pack storage set makes it so simple to see what’s inside and they have rims to keep them from sliding when stacked on top of another!

fridge storage

i also love these flat, tray containers to hold bottles of condiments…instead of digging for sauces & salsas we can just slide it out and easily see what’s inside!  i bought two skinny ones and one larger one for another shelf.  they really help keep items from being pushed back into no man’s land!

fridge storage

i also treated myself to the egg container…just too cute to pass up!  and with one quick look i can see that i need to add eggs to the shopping list!

egg storage

but my personal favorite…the no-skid, double-decker lazy susan!  i LOVE this thing for keeping toppings and sauces organized and easily seen!  a simple spin lets us see exactly what’s on there…nothing buried in my fridge ever again!

lazy susan

so that’s one more thing checked off my organizing list!  and the other bonus of having some organization inside the fridge…it’s easier to keep clean!  it’s not a fantastic accomplishment but it sure makes me feel less stressed when i open the doors and find what i need!  i hope you found some inspiration to make your life easier too!

happy organizing!

header photo by i heart organizing.  if you want some serious and beautiful organization inspiration, check out the link in the post

  1. Tammy

    September 7

    You’ve inspired me to re-organize my fridge! Thank you for those great tips!

    • Lori

      September 7

      I’m telling you, such small steps can make a huge difference! Thanks & I’m glad you’re inspired!