Hand Out Smiles!

January 20

My boys are past the days of creating and handing out those adorable classroom Valentines…but that’s no reason to stop making some simple tokens of love for all the special people in your life!  I don’t make bunches of love notes anymore either, but I still create some fun little gifts for my family and a girlfriend or two!  I want to share a really fun DIY valentine that you could make for kids or adults…and with plenty of time to get your hands on the goodies I created them with!  Have a look at a whimsical way to make someone smile on Valentine’s Day!


the inspiration for this valentine actually came when i ordered some bath & body goodies from my friend at Sunbasilgarden!  her shop is so amazingly fun and i love giving items that are useful too!  so when these adorable, happy face soaps showed up…i knew i had to find some festive ways to use them!

sunbasilgarden soaps

they come in an assortment of colors and smell so amazing that it’s actually hard not to want to taste them!  to package these cute guys up i just cut some paper with printed messages to fit the tops of tiny, cellophane candy bags!  you can find cellophane packaging in an array of sizes at most craft or baking supply stores.


then with a few more simple supplies, i got right to work on this fun diy…

DIY Valentine

i simply folded the card stock over the top edge of the tiny bag and stapled it on…


the printed message easily hides the staples and i just attached it with a glue stick!


i thought these mini sweet tart candies would make a festive addition…

candy hearts

so with my glue gun i made a row of candy hearts across the top!  i’m giving these to adults or grown kids, but i might use foam stickers or something other than edible candy if passing them out to smaller kiddos!  i don’t think glue sticks are toxic but a chunk of dried glue might not be too tasty!


i don’t know about you, but i’d sure be pleased if someone handed me one of these cuties!  an easy, useful, and festive Valentine…


bring on the smiles…

with some good, clean fun!

  1. Anonymous

    January 20

    Love it!!!

    • Lori

      January 21

      Thank you so much!!