Holiday Party Hop!

December 16

Happy Friday everyone!

…and welcome to the final day of the 2016 Holiday Party Hop hosted by the talented and inspiring mirrabellareations!


I’m beyond thrilled to have joined the other 18 fabulous hosts who are so completely gifted…it’s really been a joy reading along all week–and also feeling as though I’d like to copy each and everyone of them yet this season!  Not only have I gained so much inspiration for the holidays and beyond, but have had the pleasure of meeting these creative gals and sparking some wonderful new friendships!  If you’re hopping over from custom_maed…I’m sure you had a great time scrolling through her inspiring idea for a holiday s’more kit!  Wasn’t it wonderful?  If you missed it you can back up and check her out…

party hop 17

or see all the fun from the beginning right here!  you’ll find your way to the final stop on the  holiday hop at the end of my post!

partyhop 18

It’s hard to measure up to all the fabulous ideas from the entire week…but I’d like to share some simple tips that might help to make your gatherings jolly!  I can hardly believe that we’re past the midway mark in the month with only 8 more days until Christmas Eve…where did the time go?  But the good news is we STILL have plenty of time to celebrate the season!

get ready for some Fa La La…

Fa la la

it’s very important to me to spend as much time as possible with my family as well as my friends during this festive time!  even though the holidays are a little hectic (OK, maybe a lot hectic!) you can always squeeze in some fun by using some easy decorating tricks and simple supplies!  it really can be a cinch to whip up a special gathering to show some love to those you hold dear!  i had the perfect opportunity when it was time for me to host two special friends for our annual gift exchange.  we have so much fun together and our rule is to keep the gifts small or handmade…i just eat that kind of stuff up!  it’s really just an excuse to get together…but that’s what the season is all about, right?!  i decided that part of my gift would also be to surprise the girls with some unexpected and festive treats!  a little DIY and inexpensive goodies helped me to set a table that was all dressed up for the holiday!  let me share with you the Christmas joy…

holiday table

since this was a holiday gathering, I decided to make the table and the treats more festive with inexpensive supplies!  some of the goodies i gathered were:   all the “tree” cupcake picks i could find in my pantry…and they didn’t have to match!

holiday picks

some plain stir-sticks and these adorable wooden embellishments from the dollar spot at Target!

DIY stir sticks

more goodies from the glorious dollar bins…

poms and tags

a single spool of ribbon from Hobby Lobby…


and some plastic animals that i saved from the boy’s toy bins.  i gave them a spritz of copper…

copper sprayed animals

then tied on a green pom & tag!  now i have cute, DIY woodland place cards…

DIY place cards

i used a dot of hot glue to add the trees to my cocoa stir-sticks…SO EASY!

DIY stir sticks

now to put it all together…

in my opinion, paper napkins are just fine for entertaining at the table!  there are so many cute choices out there that it’s practically impossible to not find something you love!  the color combo was just as sweet as the message on these cuties from Home Goods.  they top off the plate that sits on a single strip of ribbon…a really easy way to add color or texture to the table!

place setting

the little place cards were really easy and turned out so cute!  i chose the paint to match the copper on my tiered centerpiece…but that’s the fun of DIY, make it however it works for you!

place card

the idea for my centerpiece was to pile it full of extras to sugar-up our cocoas!  plenty of marshmallows, flavorings, and cookies for dunking…

marshmallow tower

white chocolate peppermint baking bits…


and caramel bites both can melt into the steamy cocoa and add a festive flavor!  each can be found in the baking isles at any grocer.  did you notice i added some extra trees to the tops of the wood spoons?  (you can also find the gingerbread mallows in the holiday baking isles, the polka dot trees from Target, and the sugared marshmallows can be found at Home Goods)

caramel bites

and since all three of us LOVE  Italian Panettone bread…i just HAD to serve some up!  covering the top with all my mismatched trees was a fun way to EASILY dress it!

holiday panettone

so then it was time to pour the cocoa, top our mugs, and let the party begin!

holiday table

one of my favorite things during the holidays is to have friends seated around my table…a place where some of the best memories can be made!

holiday treats

i sure hope you found some inspiration in this little gathering of mine!  it was my pleasure to work with theses amazing and talented ladies all week long!  please head on over to the final host of the 2016 Holiday Party Hop!  let birdsparty wow you with her holiday tablescape and wind up this very fun and festive event!

party hop

stay inspired and let the gatherings begin!

it sure has been fun!  and a special thanks to mirabellecreations for hosting and coordinating this wonderful event!  have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!


  1. Bird

    December 17

    Hi!! I LOVE all the DIY decorations you made for this gorgeous party!! Wish i had seen those place-card holder for my greena nd gold party 😉 XOXO

    • Lori

      December 17

      Thanks Bird!! I appreciate it! Yours was so perfect…i just adored everything about it! Happy Holidays!

  2. sarahsofiaproductions

    December 21

    Oh what a fun and festive party! I love your place cards! I’m pinning this right now to use for the future! I also love a festive and easy centerpiece! I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Holiday Party Hop with you! XOXO, Sarah

    • Lori

      January 3

      Thank you Sarah! xoxo